A clean and inviting restaurant with delicious food is critical to keeping your restaurant thriving. People look forward to dining out and nothing will upset your patrons more than an unclean restaurant.

Recent studies have shown that 75% of restaurant patrons will never return to a restaurant if they observe cleanliness issues. When you couple that with the power of word-of-mouth and social media, you can quickly see how an unclean restaurant can damage your reputation beyond repair.

For this reason, it’s critical to partner with a restaurant cleaning company that has a reputation for delivering quality cleaning services and has a process in place to ensure your restaurant’s stellar reputation remains intact.

Here are three tips to ensuring your restaurant remains clean:

1. Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Protocols

Cleaning a restaurant is very different from cleaning an office building. There are some very important differences that if not addressed appropriately could lead to poor hygiene, which would create a huge problem for the restaurant.

The strict health and safety regulations for restaurants make proper cleaning mandatory. That’s why a one-size-fits-all cleaning model won’t work for your restaurant. At Colonial Commercial Cleaning, we offer specialized restaurant cleaning services ensure your kitchen equipment, floors and surfaces are spotless. We also understand the importance of:

  • The best and safest cleaning products to use in a kitchen.
  • Why appropriate cleaning techniques to sanitize and maintain the kitchen equipment should always be used.
  • Adhering to OSHA regulations, as well as the health and safety requirements in the restaurant business.

2. Sanitary & Odor-Free Bathrooms

The cleanliness of your restaurant bathrooms is just as important as keeping your kitchen clean. Customers immediately form a judgement about your establishment if your bathrooms are not fresh, odor-free and sparkling clean.

Recent statists show that 80% of patrons assume that a dirty restaurant bathroom means that kitchen is filthy too. This is a red flag that your restaurant cannot afford.

That’s why you need a cleaning company with high-quality cleaning standards to make sure your restaurant bathrooms are properly disinfected, odor-free and with spotless surfaces.

3. Optimal Air Quality

Once you have addressed the cleaning and sanitation needs of your restaurant, it’s important to remember air quality and odor are critical when patrons form an opinion about your restaurant. There’s nothing worse than walking into a restaurant with unpleasant odors.

At Colonial Commercial Cleaning, we can help you effectively fight odors in your restaurant by offering robust odor neutralizing techniques, specialized equipment and deodorizing agents. We use HEPA filter vacuums and green cleaning products that will help create an atmosphere that smells clean for your patrons.

Here at Colonial Commercial Cleaning, we take the quality of our work very seriously. We know that by helping you maintain a clean and healthy restaurant; your patrons will be happy and keep coming back.

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