Janitorial Cleaning Services

Continuous Employee Training Results in Better Janitorial Services for You

You need reliable janitorial services that you can trust to keep your building clean, sanitary and inviting to your customers and employees.  Colonial Commercial Cleaning offers you professional janitorial services that make your space really shine.  How is Colonial’s service better?

We do Better Janitorial Services

You need a cleaning company which does what they say they will do.  We carefully train all of our employees in the latest cleaning techniques.  In addition, our employees use green certified HEPA backpack vacuums and non-toxic, healthy cleaning solutions to make sure your air is clean and allergen free.

We Offer Better Quality Control

To be sure our employees consistently cleanup to our high standards, we use active management techniques:

  • Telephone call-in required when arriving and leaving your building
  • Managers do random periodic quality checks of cleaning
  • Owner-operator consistently involved in operation of business
  • Continued classroom and on-site training keeps our employees up-to-date with best cleaning practices

We Clean Everything Thoroughly

We know you don’t just want someone to empty the trash and push the dirt around.  Our janitorial services give your building a thorough cleaning:

  • Restrooms cleaned and disinfected, including lavatory, sinks, partitions, walls and floors
  • Offices floors cleaned, trash emptied, and surfaces dusted
  • Doorknobs, telephones, and light switches are sanitized
  • Horizontal surfaces are all dusted and even high surfaces are wiped
  • Stairs, elevators, entry ways, and reception areas are cleaned
  • Kitchen and lounge areas are cleaned, including sinks, countertops, microwaves, toasters and refrigerators
  • Floors are vacuumed, mopped, polished, and machine scrubbed.


Here’s what our clients had to say about our services:

I have been using Colonial for over three years now. They are always available anytime we need them. Very professional and responsive staff. Our building always looks fantastic ! They are #1 in my book!

Debbee Pinkard, Building Manager

Our building requires security clearances and Colonial had detailed information pertaining to their employees for us upon request. They are very impressive. They keep our facility A level clean! No need to go with anyone else.

Mary Pina, Facility Manager

We are a very reputable medical facility in the Northern Virginia region and it is so important that our office reflect the level of care we provide to our patients. We were having all types of quality issues with our past cleaning service. We hired Colonial and could honestly see the difference the very next day! Fantastic!

Shawna Barton, Office Manager

Two words, The Best! We have all kinds of heavy duty equipment in our facility. The guys track dirt in and out of the building from our garage. Yet, every morning our building looks like new!

Martha Pauley, Human Resource Manager

You can put your mind at ease when you work with Colonial. They are straight up. Marcel delivers exactly as promised. He runs a tight ship and their results are consistently superior, professional, and impressive. We have been with them for about 5 years and in a minimum of 5 cleanings per week. Throughout that 5-year period, we have never, ever been dissatisfied. They also do our annual floor cleaning, stripping, and recoating and that work is simply amazing as well. Bottom line: hire them right away and let them get started impressing you. Best of luck.

Sam Ferguson, Parkwood Baptist Church
  • Light fixtures, baseboards, and millwork are dusted
  • Windows and blinds are washed
  • Air conditioning vents are cleaned
  • Stripping and refinishing is done as needed

We Keep Your Building Secure

As an owner-operated company that has been a leader in janitorial services in the Northern VA area for over a decade, we know that you need janitorial services you can trust to keep your property secure.  We always lock your doors and windows when we leave, turn out your lights and set your alarms.  In addition, we ensure that all our employees are:

  • Thoroughly screened
  • Bonded
  • Fully Insured against both property and liability damage
  • Trained in security procedures
  • Carry company identification at all times
  • Periodically visited on-site by managers
  • Available to you by telephone for emergencies 24/7

Trust your janitorial services to the experts at Colonial Commercial Cleaners.  See the difference we can make!

We service Fairfax, VA, Washington DC, Manassas, Alexandria, Arlington and surrounding territories. Contact us to see whether we service your city!

Book Janitorial Service in Washington DC for Top Quality Experience

A well-maintained and clean environment is a huge relief and blessing in itself. If you’re looking to hire excellent janitorial service in Washington DC for your premises, whether school, university, healthcare facility, business or corporation building, that you can trust to do your chores for you and keep the surrounding clean, then your search has come to an end with Colonial Commercial Cleaning. We offer the best janitorial service in Maryland, and Northern Virginia as well for your cleaning needs. Our expert janitors are profound in the art of cleaning and providing full service to your buildings and homes on daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Thus, with our janitorial service in Northern Virginia all you have to do is focus on performing your everyday tasks instead of worrying about little things like dirt and garbage loitering around.

Why should you choose Janitorial Services in Maryland from Colonial Commercial Cleaning?

As serving the local community since 2016 with a whopping 5 star rating given by our customers, multitude of businesses and corporations, we at Colonial Commercial Cleaning, are overjoyed to say that we offer marvelous janitorial service in Maryland. We have put together a team of highly skilled, experienced and dedicated janitors for your service. At Colonial Commercial Cleaning, our goal is to provide every client with a high-quality dependable cleaning service at highly affordable price. Here are some of the services our dedicated and well-endowed janitors perform for you, they:

  • Sanitize door knobs, light switches and telephones.
  • Clean and disinfect Restrooms, including walls, floors, partitions, lavatory, sinks.
  • Empty trash, dust surfaces, and clean flooring of your premises.
  • Wipe & dust high surfaces and Horizontal surfaces.
  • Thoroughly clean hallways, entry ways, stairs, elevators, and reception areas.
  • Disinfect & clean lounge and kitchen areas including sinks, microwaves, countertops, refrigerators.
  • Vacuum, mop, polish, and machine scrub floors in every room and hallway.
  • Dust the Furniture, Light fixtures, ceiling fans, baseboards, and millwork.
  • Washed windows and blinds.
  • Vacuum the carpet.
  • Clean every nook and cranny of air conditioning vents.
  • Give a new shine to your chimneys.
  • Sweep hard surface floors.
  • Do stripping and refinishing of everything as needed.

All this and any more cleaning work, you can freely ask our janitorial staff to do. Because, we take pride in our work and will always ensure that your buildings are kept spotless, both inside and out. We profoundly train our cleaning janitorial staff about suitable utilization of cleaning chemicals because everything in more than required can cause harmful effects on health. Also, our janitorial staff members work closely with and abide-by your instructions for time management and use exact methods in harmless ways that properly kill germs on the surface to keep the whole environment clean and healthy. This is the reason why dedicated and skillful janitorial staff at Colonial Commercial Cleaning is the optimum choice for you to keep your properties clean and disinfected.

We pride ourselves in our ability to create lasting business relationships with our huge base of clientele, and our reputation for providing exceptional janitorial service in Northern Virginia is unmatched.

Effective Janitorial Service in Washington DC by Colonial Commercial Cleaning at Your Disposal

Our trained janitorial staff focuses and excels in fast turnaround when it comes to cleaning an office, an entire floor or a complete building. Moreover, after every cleaning procedure is done on the prescribed premises no matter the schedule of our clients, our skilled staff members personally visit and conduct thorough inspection of every offered janitorial service by our janitors. This inspection job is of high importance not only for the satisfaction of our clients but also for our motives to ensure customer gratification at every single step of the cleaning process. Our inspection staff makes sure that every single inch and corner of the premises is clean to the brim, this is what makes the Janitorial service in Washington DC by Colonial Commercial Cleaning the best in town. We totally understand your needs of having a cleaner premise, thus, we dedicate ourselves to achieve and make it happen in minimum time period & with greatest satisfaction.

Get peace of mind

by having someone you can call 24/7 for all your cleaning needs.