Places of worship are called sanctuaries for a reason. Have you ever walked into a house of worship and just felt the peace and holiness surrounding you? That’s a good sign of a clean worship hall because there are no distractions — allowing the congregation to focus on the beauty of the house of worship and pray.

Keeping your place of worship clean and soothing is very important to your community. At Colonial Commercial Cleaning, our high-quality cleaning standards allow us to keep your place of worship sanitized so your members can focus on their spiritual well-being rather than wonder if your house of worship is clean.

Special care and cleaning techniques are required to protect the unique architecture and décor of your place of worship, while focusing our cleaning efforts on highly-touched areas to avoid the spread of germs.

Quality Cleaning You Can Depend On

We take cleaning your place of worship very seriously and will customize a cleaning program that makes sense for your facility. The cleaning options available with Colonial Commercial Cleaning include cleaning services focused on the following areas:

  • Childcare and assembly rooms
  • Administration offices
  • The main sanctuary and lobby areas
  • Kitchen, dining rooms and bathrooms

Some of the unique benefits of working with Colonial Commercial Cleaning include our focus on:

Air Quality. We take great care cleaning your place of worship by using HEPA-filtered vacuums and green products.

Healthy Environment. We use special products that kill bacteria and reduce the possibility of viruses spreading in your house of worship to keep members coming back to services every week.

Clean Sanctuary. Every place of worship is unique, so we customize our cleaning solutions to meet the needs of your facility. Our place of worship cleaning protocols include:

  • Keep carpet and laminate floors vacuumed and swept
  • Clean carpets and buff any stonework as needed
  • Clean marble or limestone statues with a ph-balanced neutral cleaner
  • Dust marble, granite or any stone floor with clean microfiber cloths frequently
  • Clean touch points such as pews, statues, confessionals, banisters and handles
  • Sanitize bathrooms and maintain spotless surfaces and eliminate any odors

Here at Colonial Commercial Cleaning, we take the quality of our work very seriously and your satisfaction is at the top of our priority list. Let us help you keep your place of worship inviting by keeping it spotless for the members of your community.

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