Impression matters, and customers start judging your business the minute they walk in the door to your business just as they start judging you as soon as they step into your office. What do your customers see when they come in the door? What does your office tell them?

Take a look at these different character traits that are displayed in the space in which you work to help you figure out what your office says about you. Keep in mind that a room can say more than one thing about a person—you can mix and match! Whether you wing your design, lean on a design principle, or try feng shui like the blogger’s office in the image on the left, you can do a lot with your business and office to convey the personality you want to offer your customers.

Formal, Analytical, Professional

Depending on the business you’re in, this might be an impression you want to give, and there are a few things in an office that say this to those who see it:

  • Cleanliness and Organization. When an office is exceptionally clean, both in terms of clutter and organization and actual commercial cleaning, it gives an impression of an organized business and life.
  • Credentials. Degrees, certifications, awards: displaying these in matching, matted frames tells others that you are proud of your work and take it seriously.