Colonial Commercial Cleaning offers many services which cater to your exact business need. Their services include commercial cleaning, janitorial services, office cleaning, and healthcare cleaning. They also offer a carpet cleaning service. Regular carpet cleaning service is offered whenever you need it, with 24/7 on call staff. Their carpet cleaning service offers a full deep cleaning and sweeping of the carpet, using hypoallergenic cleaning solutions, and green certified cleaning techniques.

Their carpet cleaning service includes full sweeping and vacuuming, using chemical substances that self-neutralize, for cleaning the dirt out of the fibers. Because it’s very important to take care of the environment, colonial Cleaning has made significant steps towards becoming a green company, using special backpack-mounted HEPA vacuums and biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning detergents and solutions. Colonial Cleaning will also correctly remove and dispose of all waste and recycling generated during the carpet cleaning.

The carpet cleaning service is fully customizable for your business; for example, if you are in the medical or food industry, you can opt for regular daily carpet cleaning; however, normal premises like churches or banks may only need weekly cleaning. With this in mind, there is no carpet cleaning plan, and Colonial Cleaning offers a wide variety of cleaning and vacuuming plans, including plans for schools, government facilities, galleries, or for retail. For more information on what services Colonial Cleaning offer, you can find it on the carpet cleaning services page of our site.

The customization options for Colonial Cleaning’s services allow you to keep your carpets clean and sanitary within your budget; whether you opt for daily, weekly, or monthly cleans, Colonial Cleaning’s rates are highly competitive. As carpets wear out from high use, regular cleaning and spraying of Scotch Guard can preserve the life of your carpets, and it can be factored in to your budget.

They are fully conscious of the expenses your business can accrue, and as such they fully screen their staff, and put them through a rigorous cleaner training. They are fully insured and liable for any damage, making sure your business is not surprised with damage bills. More information on Colonial Cleaning’s commercial carpet cleaning can be found on our site.

Colonial Commercial Cleaning, LLC offers a very wide range of cleaning services that you can tailor to suit your business budget. They offer a high quality cleaning services with multiple cleaning and sanitizing options, all served by well trained and vetted staff; so whether carpet cleaning services you need, you will find what you need at Colonial Commercial Cleaning.