In a mere three months, COVID-19 has profoundly reshaped our nation and the broader world. As businesses gradually reopen, it’s evident that a return to the old “normal” is not on the horizon.

In this evolved landscape, it isn’t enough for businesses and their patrons to merely see cleanliness; they seek concrete assurances. They want to know that their facilities are sanitized using products and cleaning procedures endorsed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to safeguard their well-being.

For over a decade, Colonial Commercial Cleaning has been the trusted janitorial services provider for businesses in the Washington D.C. region. Our enduring commitment to health, safety, and service excellence has positioned Colonial to deliver top-tier cleaning solutions, especially during these unprecedented times.

Rest assured, Colonial Commercial Cleaning is diligently adhering to and keeping abreast of the CDC’s guidelines for combating COVID-19 in professional spaces. We utilize CDC-recommended products to counteract this virulent pathogen, and our specialty cleaning teams are adept in the most effective sanitizing and disinfecting methods to ensure your spaces are secure.

Deep Clean Your Facility Before Reopening

Now, perhaps more than ever, your employees and clientele seek tangible evidence of your dedication to minimizing germ transmission at work.

At Colonial Commercial Cleaning, we advocate for a comprehensive deep cleaning procedure to rid your premises of contaminants and to rigorously sanitize and disinfect prior to a complete reopening. Our approach aligns seamlessly with CDC directives for addressing COVID-19.

We rely on premium, EPA-certified solutions that are recognized by the CDC as effective against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus responsible for COVID-19. Additionally, we prioritize the safety of our staff and clients. Our crew members are mandated to don personal protective equipment – disposable masks, gloves, gowns, and shoe covers – to curtail the spread of contagions like COVID-19.

Our teams are trained in the CDC’s systematic procedures to sanitize and disinfect high-contact areas: handrails, doorknobs, elevator panels, faucets, restrooms, kitchen areas, dispensers, switches, shared surfaces, and flooring.

We also incorporate color-coded microfiber cloths and no-dip flat mops, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. All cleaning tools are routinely immersed in disinfectants and bleach for sterilization. Our exclusive HEPA/ULPA vacuum systems capture airborne particles, ensuring meticulous cleaning of upholstery, carpet edges, spaces beneath desks, and behind doors.

Furthermore, our use of 3M chemical dispensing systems guarantees that every cleaning product is optimally utilized for a consistently thorough clean, aligning with best practices and standards set by OSHA, CDC, and EPA. Post-cleaning, all our cleaning tools are subjected to a thorough disinfection process.

Let’s All Play Our Role

If your facility hasn’t undergone a comprehensive cleaning recently, we urgently advise arranging one to actively combat the spread of COVID-19. Even if your operations are temporarily halted, consistent maintenance is crucial during this pivotal period.

For inquiries about our products, cleaning protocols, or to schedule your deep cleaning session, please call us at (703) 257-7730 today!