A messy workplace can be irksome. Definitely, you do not need a spoilsport in between tasks. Here are top tips on clearing your cluttered work desk.

1. Appropriate Work desk Accessories: Get a pen-stand to accommodate stationary like pen, pencil, markers etc. A paperweight can act handy to let loose flyers, papers from being strewn on floor. Switch to a digital calendar, alarm, calculator as a one in all device, immediately reducing clutter.

2. Get Organized: A lot of mess can disappear, if we organize our work desk well. File magazines, unofficial documents away from desk. Minimize clutter due to scribble pad: rather make notes on a digital device. A wall pocket above work desk can do wonders to stow items. It is believable that the items on your desk are mandatory. However, try to reduce multiple markers, pencils, and other stationary items to minimum, store the rest in drawers.

3. Prevent Paper Flood: Stash away done memos, reports, subscriptions etc. from desk into a neat document holder. You can organize hard copies in desk drawers, an easy way to reach important files, and store the same simultaneously. If you can convert hard copies to soft copies, it will greatly lower load of files around. Clear out old files, papers, and just allow the necessary documents to be on your work desk.

4. Include a Waste Basket: Many a times, we tend to keep unnecessary items on tabletop thinking to discard them later. As the trashcan may be at the other corner of the room, we tend to get lazy. Hence, get a trashcan nearby your work desk. Tidy up your workplace regularly by setting a disciplined cleaning time. Make it a habit to clean your work desk at the end of the day.

Hence, clearing your cluttered work desk can get easier if you follow the above-mentioned tips. As an additional tip, keep a spare towel and wipe the tabletop to get rid of dust. After all, a clutter free and a neat desk are mark of organized work, and productivity.