6359-101413-gs6359It is very important for healthcare facilities to follow sanitation strategies that will help to prevent the spread of infections. Without good sanitation strategies, being in the facility can be dangerous for patients. Below are three strategies that can be used to prevent the spread of infections:

1.Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is the single most important strategy that should be used in health facilities to prevent the spread of infections. Medical staff should always wash their hands before touching patients and also wear sterile gloves. Medical staffs should always ensure that they wash their hands and forearms before going into surgical rooms. They should clean their hands as well when they get out of the surgical rooms. Cleaning on the way out is just as important as cleaning when going in.

2.Environmental Cleanliness

The environment within healthcare facilities should always be kept clean. Garbage should be properly disposed of to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria, germs, and other contaminants. All waste, including medical waste should be properly disposed of on a regular schedule to prevent trash build-up. Healthcare facilities should implement an effective infection control protocol that provides instructions for constant sanitation maintenance of the work environment.

3.Consistent Screening of Patients

All patients that come to the health facility should be screened continuously to ensure that they do not have or develop infections. This will ensure the quick and effective treatment of existing, or newly acquired infections, as well as helping staff reduce the exposure to other patients.

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