In the past few years, standing desks have become increasingly popular both at home and at work. There are many health-related reasons cited for using a standing desk, but what difference will it make for you?

Forbes contributor Steve Mullis took a look at the things he liked and didn’t like about standing desks. What things do you think you would like or dislike about a standing desks? Would office cleaning and organization be a bigger problem? Comfort?

What’s Good About It? 

According to Mullis, there’s actually quite a few benefits he noticed in his year of trying out a standing desk, including:

  • Increased Energy. When you’re sitting at your desk in the afternoon slump, it’s so much easier to get sleepy. Standing up makes it harder for you to fall into that lull.
  • More Conversation. While it might be more comfortable to stay hidden behind cubicle walls and piles of work, Mullis saw that person-to-person communication was a lot easier and more effective when they were all standing at eye-level.
  • Improved Posture. Look around your office and you’re likely to see many of your coworkers hunched in some awkward position over their desk. When you’re standing, you are less likely to hunch!