Across the nation, mandated business shutdowns have profoundly affected business owners, their teams, and the loyal patrons who cherish the ambiance of their favorite places. Operating throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., Colonial Commercial Cleaning has directly witnessed and experienced these challenges. Consequently, we have evolved our offerings to introduce services that were previously unavailable to our community.

Historically, for the past decade, our signature deep clean service was exclusive to long-term contracted clients. Recognizing the prolonged business closures and the paramount need for expert sanitization, we made this service accessible to anyone in need.

Adapting required extensive staff training in deep cleaning protocols, retrofitting our vehicles to transport specialized equipment, and adjusting our team’s work hours to fit the cleaning schedules. It was a rewarding endeavor to apply our knowledge in cleaning standards and assist local offices, religious institutions, restaurants and schools. Ensuring these spaces were sanitized enabled the safe return of their communities. With a foundation of using CDC-approved cleaning agents, we already possessed much of the essential gear, allowing us to deploy rapidly.

In the current climate of COVID-19, it’s crucial to understand that routine deep cleaning significantly boosts community safety. Therefore, any venue open to staff or the public should augment their standard cleaning regimen with monthly deep cleaning sessions.

If you’re in the process of resuming business after a hiatus or believe it’s time for expert sanitation, reach out to us. Colonial Commercial Cleaning has been a community pillar in the DMV region for over a decade. Our proficiency uniquely positions us to benefit local residents and enterprises.

The Right Solution for Our Community

We revel in the diverse range of businesses we cater to and the tailored services we extend to various sectors. Beyond educational institutions, healthcare centers, and religious organizations, our portfolio includes art galleries, governmental premises, eateries, fitness hubs, automotive showrooms, and many more.

Should your enterprise seek more meticulous cleaning or a specialized deep clean, Colonial Commercial Cleaning awaits with a bespoke quotation and no binding long-term stipulations. For inquiries about our products, cleaning methodology, or to schedule a deep cleaning session, reach us at (703) 257-7730 or use the contact form on this page.

In these challenging times, remain cautious, and always care for one another.