With school out for summer and fall classes not resuming until late August or Early September, now is the perfect time for school administrators to schedule a deep cleaning your school building. By deep cleaning your school building in the summer, when students return to school in the fall, they’ll be met with clean and glistening surroundings.

Deep Cleaning Your School Building

No Students = Easy Cleaning

Unfortunately, schools are notorious for being breeding grounds for germs and the spread of colds and flu. By hiring a Professional cleaning services Washington DC area Commercial Cleaner to do a thorough clean out while the students are enjoying their summer vacation means that your faculty, staff, and student body doesn’t get disrupted during their academic year.

When the facilities are empty, it is much easier for expert cleaners to penetrate hard to reach places and lift dirt, bacteria, and germs from the surface areas where they hide. Our team of cleaning professionals carries a comprehensive insurance policy and dishonesty bond so that you can rest easy knowing that school property gets protected while we are working on-premise.

We Tackle Troublesome Public Areas

Cleaning classrooms are just the beginning of handling a school environment. Bathrooms, Cafeterias, Faculty Lounge Areas, Student Lounges, Gymnasiums, Libraries, and Kitchens, must also be thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom to assure a sanitary habitat. Our floor cleaning services eliminate the millions of bacteria and germs that live in carpeting and other flooring systems. By doing so, our services improve the overall health and safety of the building. Our cleaning services are vital to the removal and elimination of bacteria and germs that get easily spread in bathrooms, locker rooms, weight rooms, and gymnasiums where people commonly and frequently assemble.

Janitorial Services for Washington DC Area Schools

In addition to doing periodic cleanings, we offer janitorial services on an ongoing basis. Many school systems enjoy the convenience that our cleaning services provide. We offer a cost-effective way to ensure that your educational facility is getting cleaned to commercial quality standards, without the extra expenses of having a janitorial custodian on payroll and paying for cleaning supplies and tools. Even better, you gain the confidence knowing that your facility gets maintained by a team of properly trained cleaning experts. We assure that your school is always clean and tidy.

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