Summer provides an opportune moment for school authorities to deep clean educational facilities. As students enjoy their vacation, administrators can ensure they return to immaculate and sparkling premises come fall.

No Students = Easy Cleaning

Regrettably, educational institutions often become hotspots for germs and consequent illnesses. Engaging a professional cleaning service, such as Colonial Commercial Cleaning from the Washington DC area, during summer ensures minimal disruption during the academic cycle. An empty setting allows skilled cleaners to meticulously clean even the most elusive nooks, removing dirt and pathogens effectively. Our cleaning brigade is comprehensively insured, guaranteeing the school’s assets remain protected during our on-site operations.

We Tackle Troublesome Public Areas

Beyond classrooms, a holistic school cleaning process must encompass restrooms, dining areas, staff lounges, student recreational zones, gyms, libraries, and kitchens. These high-traffic areas require thorough sanitation. Our floor cleaning techniques purge bacteria and germs, enhancing the overall building’s health standards. Areas like bathrooms, locker rooms, and gymnasiums, which frequently host gatherings, especially benefit from our expertise in eradicating easily transmissible germs.

Janitorial Services for Washington DC Area Schools

Alongside periodic cleansing, we provide regular janitorial services. Numerous educational institutions appreciate the convenience of our offerings, which promise commercial-grade cleaning without the associated overheads of salaried janitors or cleaning paraphernalia. More so, you can rest assured knowing a team of trained cleaning professionals is maintaining your facility.

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