See all those empty hot-chocolate packets laying limply on your kitchen counter and floor? See how your trash can overflows with empty Campbell’s soup cans and frozen tv-dinner boxes? Is that snow-sludge all over the floor? As winter comes to an end, you might be looking around your own home, wondering just how did this messy disaster happen. Well, we’ve all been cooped up over the winter, bundled up and trying to stay warm. Over the winter many of us forget that one important chore….cleaning. So, now that the weather is starting to warm-up, take off your coat and long-johns, because you’ve got a lot of cleaning to do! It’s spring cleaning time!

First things first, let’s take out all the old trash so the trash-man can relieve you of all the build-up you’ve collected over the long winter. Next, let’s bust out that old vacuum cleaner, because it’s time to get those carpets back into prime, top-notch condition. And be sure to vacuum in concentric motions (similar to mowing your lawn) so you don’t leave those silly looking “against the grain” streaks of carpet that stick up, as we all know these are no more aesthetically pleasing than an infant with a spaghetti-caked face.

Now that you’re starting to see there is in fact hope, and that your domicile is starting to smell a little better, let’s take a courageous leap and venture into the dark depths of the bathroom. The bathroom is verily the “heart of darkness” of spring cleaning. The mysterious odors of your toilette, shower, and sink combine to form a funky cloud that wafts into your nostrils, refusing to be ignored.

It’s time to bring out the big guns, so grab a sponge and an all-purpose cleaner (for those dealing with another-worldly bathroom scenario, use a cleaner that contains bleach!). Spray, scrub, repeat. That’s all there is to it. Eventually your bathroom will shine and you’ll realize that you’ve not only survived, but that you now reign victorious over the evil bathroom. So shake your fists to the sky and beat your chest because you’ve seen the worst your home has to offer and you didn’t back down one inch!

On a more serious note, spring cleaning time is also a great opportunity to get rid of all your old clothing. Consider donating it to either Goodwill or a local homeless shelter. You’ll free up space for new stuff and also help out someone in need!

So now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time for you to strap on your work-boots. What are you waiting for, start cleaning, because it’s spring cleaning time!