Cleaning daycare facilities require unique considerations to ensure the safety of the children isn’t compromised. Key points include:

Proper Disinfection

Given that daycare centers are bustling with children, thorough yet safe disinfection is essential. Since young children frequently put objects in their mouths, it’s crucial that disinfectants used on toys and play areas are non-toxic. Daycare staff should perform intermittent cleaning during the day, and a comprehensive disinfection should be conducted after children depart. This two-fold approach helps curb the spread of germs, allergens, and illnesses.

Maintaining Cleanliness

While children’s playful nature often leads to disarray, it’s vital for daycare personnel to consistently restore order. Beyond this daily upkeep, periodic deep cleaning by a professional janitorial cleaning service ensures comprehensive sanitation. Their tasks might encompass vacuuming, mopping, bathroom cleaning, and disinfecting toys, changing tables, dining areas, and playthings.

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