268-101413-gs0268There are special considerations when cleaning daycare facilities that have to be taken in to account to ensure that the safety of the children has not been compromised. Some of these considerations are:

Proper Disinfection

A daycare facilityis constantly filled with children, so everything needs be disinfected properly, but also safely. As small children often put items in their mouths, it is important that disinfectant cleansers used on toys and around toy areas are non-toxic. The disinfection should be done after all the children have gone home for the day. Also the attendants who will be with the children for most of the time need to ensure that they are properly disinfecting during the day as well. Ongoing cleaning during the day by daycare staff, combined with proper disinfection done after hours prevents the spreading of germs, allergens, and illnesses.

Keeping It Clean

The daycare facility should remain as clean as possible. If kids are left to have their way, everything will be dirty and disorganized. They love playing with things and disorganizing everything they can. While it is important that daycare employees clean up after the kids, it is also important to have a professional cleaning staff come in to ensure proper cleaning of the entire facility. Some important tasks a cleaning service can provide are: sweeping or vacuuming floors, mopping hard floor surfaces, cleaning bathrooms, and disinfecting toys, changing tables, eating areas, and toys.

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