A recent study revealed that retirement might actually have adverse affects on your health. While it’s supposed to be the point in your life where you get to relax completely, it turns out that might not always be for the best.

Focus on workplace health tends to center on fitness, diet, and cleanliness, with attention being given to new office workouts, clever ways to eat well on a busy schedule, and professional office cleaning for eco-friendly health.

This, however; is in a completely different direction. How exactly is your health negatively affected by retirement?

Side Effects of Retirement

Before looking at the why, it’s important to know the what. What health problems does retirement supposedly cause?

According to the study, quite a bit: for retirees, there was a 40% increased chance for depression and a 60% increased chance for at least one physical diagnosis.

When you think about the fact that one or more physical limitations can often lead to or exacerbate depression, the concern is increased across the board. Thankfully, there are many ways to avoid the negative effects once you understand why there’s such an increase.