It is exciting to see businesses begin to reopen without restrictions now that COVID-19 vaccination rates are on the rise. This also signals that the time has come to prepare your plan to safely increase the number of employees and customers in your facility.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) creating a strategic reopening plan is the key to safely welcoming patrons back into your building. While this sounds like an easy process, there is a great deal of planning required to ensure all precautions are followed to maintain a healthy workplace environment.

So, how do you create a solid reopening plan? It really begins by working with a reputable cleaning company to define your cleaning standards. After all, your employees and customers will appreciate the peace of mind knowing that you are working with professionals that are up to date on the latest CDC cleaning and disinfecting recommendations.

Today, we will share three types of communication that should be included into your reopening plan.

#1: Daily Cleaning Communications

While there are benefits to deep cleaning your facility periodically, it is important to ensure your facility is also getting a deeper level of cleaning and disinfecting on a daily basis. This includes focusing on high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, staircase banisters and desks.

In addition, you will want to ensure high traffic locations such as conference rooms, kitchens, breakrooms, restrooms and lobbies get extra cleaning attention since they can be breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses.

At Colonial Commercial Cleaning, we strive to provide customized cleaning solutions for your unique business. We consider the type of business you are operating, the number of patrons that visit daily and any of your specific concerns to create a cleaning program designed to meet your needs.

#2: Facility Traffic Flow Communication

Next, it is important to think through how traffic flows throughout your facility. We have already addressed cleaning high-touch surfaces and locations in the daily cleaning section. Now, let us talk about how to minimize the spread of COVID-19 by focusing on social distancing guidelines.

One thing that might be helpful is including signage that can be placed on floors or walls that remind your patrons on the safest flow of traffic while in your building along with reminders to maintain social distance.

Your communication should also include things like the number of people that can safely ride in the elevator, how far apart should tables be in the kitchen or breakroom, should people occupy every other seat in the conference rooms and other similar guidelines so that everyone is clear on your expectations while they are in your facility.

#3: Cleaning Products and Protocols Communication

Lastly, the types of cleaning products and the protocols used to clean your facility should be communicated. Colonial only uses CDC-approved cleaning and disinfecting products, HEPA filters, electrostatic sprayers and microfiber cloths to keep your facility clean and safe for your patrons.

We also follow the CDC recommended cleaning protocols to help us remove the maximum amount of dirt, bacteria and germs from all the areas that we clean and disinfect.

It is worth noting that not all areas require the same level of cleaning. Some areas require more attention and other areas do not need as much attention. If you are not sure about what the cleaning needs for your facility, Colonial is here to help.

Let’s Work Together to Customize Your Reopening Plan

The prospect of returning to work is exciting but it must be done safely to ensure the health and wellbeing of employees and visitors alike.

Colonial has been providing janitorial services to businesses in Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland since 2010. This rich experience has allowed us to fully understand and appreciate the commitment needed to service facilities of all types.

We understand the importance of keeping your facility clean and sanitary. We also closely monitor the CDC cleaning recommendations, which helps us design a cleaning and disinfecting program specifically for your facility’s needs.

If you are interested in creating a customized cleaning reopening plan for your facility, please call us at (703) 257-7730 or complete the form on this page.