The rising rates of COVID-19 vaccinations signal an exciting time as businesses start to reopen without restrictions. This development emphasizes the need to strategize for safely accommodating more employees and customers within your premises.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) underscore the importance of a strategic reopening plan to ensure a safe environment. Although it might seem straightforward, meticulous planning is necessary to maintain a clean workplace.

But where does one start with such a plan? Begin by collaborating with a reputable cleaning company to set your cleaning benchmarks. Your employees and customers will find comfort knowing that your chosen professionals are well-versed with the latest CDC cleaning and disinfection guidelines.

Today, let’s delve into three pivotal communication aspects for your reopening strategy:

#1: Daily Cleaning Communications

Periodic deep cleaning is beneficial, but daily intensive cleaning and disinfection are just as crucial. Prioritize high-touch areas like doorknobs, light switches, staircase railings, and desks. High-traffic areas like conference rooms, kitchens, breakrooms, restrooms, and lobbies demand additional focus due to their potential as germ hotspots. At Colonial Commercial Cleaning, we tailor cleaning solutions considering your business type, daily visitor count, and specific concerns.

#2: Facility Traffic Flow Communication

Contemplate the movement patterns within your facility. Place informative signs on walls or floors to guide patrons on optimal traffic flow and remind them of social distancing norms. Clearly communicate guidelines about elevator usage, table arrangements in shared spaces, and seating protocols in meeting areas.

#3: Cleaning Products and Protocols Communication

Be transparent about the cleaning products and protocols you implement. Colonial uses CDC-approved cleaning agents, HEPA filters, electrostatic sprayers, and microfiber cloths, ensuring a safe environment. Following the CDC’s cleaning protocols ensures maximum elimination of dirt, bacteria, and germs. Colonial is here to guide you if you’re uncertain about your facility’s specific cleaning requirements.

Let’s Collaborate on Your Reopening Plan The thought of returning to work is exhilarating, but safety should remain paramount. Colonial has catered to businesses across Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland since 2010. Our extensive experience equips us to understand the nuances of varied facilities. By keeping abreast with the CDC’s recommendations, we devise cleaning and disinfecting strategies tailored to your facility. To discuss a bespoke cleaning reopening plan, reach out to us at (703) 257-7730 or complete the form on this page.