Customer service has always been a cornerstone for businesses. However, its importance has been magnified with the ongoing threat of Covid-19. As Covid case rates surge in the DMV area, it’s imperative that people feel secure when they step into any commercial or corporate space.

Enhance your customers’ and clients’ trust with these measures:

Make Your Policies Known

Communication is paramount in this “new normal.” Prominently display your health and safety measures on your front door, ensuring visitors are informed before entering. Reinforce these protocols by placing signs throughout your facility, particularly in areas with specific guidelines like restrooms or dining spaces. Employees should be well-versed with all rules, ready to lead by example and address any queries. The more visibly you adhere to CDC recommendations, the more comfortable your customers will feel.

Warm Up Your Welcome

While masks can hide smiles, hospitality can still shine through. Engage visitors with direct eye contact, an audible voice, and an upbeat tone. Positive body language, such as waving and maintaining an open posture, can bridge the emotional gap created by masks. Remember, actions like crossing arms or showing one’s back can inadvertently seem dismissive. So, amp up your body language to foster connections.

Go With a New Flow

The essence of social distancing, especially indoors, is to prevent Covid-19 spread. For retailers, this might mean reevaluating store layouts. If your space is crowded, consider limiting the number of customers or implementing a one-way traffic system. The principle holds true for offices as well—rearrange seating to ensure adequate distancing.

Recruit Professional Cleaning Help

Routine cleaning of high-touch areas is essential. But, to truly bolster consumer confidence, let them know professionals are handling sanitization. No one instills this confidence better than Colonial Commercial Cleaning. Serving Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland since 2010, we emphasize the significance of sanitation during these times. Our team strictly adheres to CDC cleaning guidelines, tailoring disinfection programs for your facility’s unique needs.

To craft a specialized cleaning strategy for your facility, contact Colonial Commercial Cleaning at (703) 257-7730 or complete the form on this page.