Customer service is always a priority for any business, but it has taken on an even greater importance as Covid-19 remains a real threat. Whether it’s in a commercial or corporate setting, people need to feel safe about the space they’re entering – especially with Covid case rates spiking in the DMV area.

Put your customers and clients at ease with these tips to keep them safe and healthy, and inspire confidence in what your business has to offer in the process.

Make Your Policies Known

Communication is key in our “new normal,” so make sure you’re fully demonstrating your health and safety measures. Post Covid-related policies on the front door so visitors are made aware of them before even entering. It’s also a good idea to add signs throughout your building to continuously enforce protocols, especially any that are specific to a certain room like bathrooms or eating areas. Have employees lead by example, and keep them informed of all company rules so they are able to answer any questions. Remember, the more customers see that your business is in compliance with CDC recommendations, the more they’ll feel at ease.

Warm Up Your Welcome

Service with a smile can be difficult to provide when everyone is wearing a face mask, but it’s still possible to convey that same sentiment in other ways. Make visitors feel welcome by maintaining direct eye contact, projecting your voice to be heard through your mask, and keeping your tone upbeat. Expressive, positive body language also goes a long way. Avoid crossing your arms or turning your back on a customer so you don’t inadvertently suggest they’re unimportant. Wave, be animated and show extra warmth – going the extra mile in this manner reduces anxiety and re-establishes the community connection that was severed last year.

Go With a New Flow

Social distancing has become a new way of life as we fight the spread of Covid-19, and it’s particularly important indoors. In a retail setting, consider the flow of your store. Are there too many displays cluttering the floor for people to navigate without getting too close to each other? If your building’s layout makes it difficult to provide a wider walkway, you may want to limit the number of customers allowed inside at a time or use markings to set up a one-way path to allow for browsing without bumping into others. The same applies to offices – rearrange desks or waiting rooms to provide ample social space.

Recruit Professional Cleaning Help

In addition to spot cleaning high-touch areas throughout the day, boost consumer confidence by letting them know that your facility is regularly sanitized by professionals. No one knows how to provide this peace of mind for your patrons like Colonial Commercial Cleaning. We’ve been a leading provider of retail cleaning throughout Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland since 2010, and we understand the importance of prioritizing sanitation efforts in these challenging times. Our professional team follows all CDC cleaning recommendations, which helps us design a disinfecting program specifically for your facility’s needs.

If you are interested in creating a customized cleaning plan for your facility, please call Colonial Commercial Cleaning at (703) 257-7730 or complete the form on this page.