Explore Our Commercial Cleaning Services

For over a decade, Colonial Commercial Cleaning has set industry benchmarks, especially in office spaces, while also catering to an extensive range of businesses and organizations.

Apartment Buildings

High-traffic zones in apartment complexes demand specialized attention. From maintaining carpets and erasing fingerprints off glass surfaces to sanitizing handrails and communal areas, we’ve got it all covered.

Places of Worship

Spiritual gatherings should focus on devotion, not cleanliness concerns. We ensure every surface is sanitized with eco-friendly cleaning products, allowing the congregation to concentrate solely on the divine.

Medical Facilities

Patient and staff safety in healthcare establishments is non-negotiable. Our team is specially trained in sanitizing surfaces and waste disposal, ensuring the safety of patients, doctors, and visitors.

Banks and Credit Unions

Trust and professionalism form the bedrock of financial institutions. We help these establishments offer their clients a clean and pleasant environment for crucial financial decisions. Moreover, our team undergoes rigorous background checks for your peace of mind.

Understanding that every business is unique, we provide complimentary, tailor-made estimates to suit your needs perfectly. To embark on a journey with unmatched cleaning services, fill out the form on this page and get your free estimate today!