Whether you’re branding your company, creating a website, or decorating your office, color plays an important role in the way people perceive your business. Have you ever wondered what different colors mean and how they affect those who see them?

Business Insider broke down color-by-color specifically related to brands, but these principles can be carried over to decorating and designing throughout your office. Here’s a look at what each color signifies:

Red: Power, Passion, Energy.

Red is a strong color and an equally significant statement. If you want to provide energy and excitement, red is the color to go for.

When you are considering colors for your office, red is a great choice, but use it in moderation. Too much red, and that energy can turn into agitation—definitely not something you want! Use it as an accent: one wall, a piece of furniture, an art feature. These will convey the message without being overwhelming.