A nice office can look spectacular at first, bearing beautiful furniture and fixtures. But in order to protect your investment, cleaning and maintenance is very important to ensure the longevity of your expense. Taking care of your furniture and fixtures will help them to last as long as they can, even if you decide to switch them out down the road. Top shape furniture and fixtures can add value to their resell amount. It does not matter what type of material those items are made of, they still need maintained and cleaned.

Wooden office products, such as a desk, a bookshelf, or a filing cabinet, need cleaned and polished regularly to help protect the surfaces and prolong their life. It is also suggested that you use coasters for drinks to help preserve the wooden surfaces. Aside from that, use a mouse pad to prevent scratching or marring of the wood. Areas with a lot of frictional movement tend to wear down so find ways to help minimize that. Anything in your office that is untreated in any way needs cleaned and dusted with a dry cloth. Everything else that is wooden can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Ensure that your employees help maintain your investment by routinely cleaning and dusting their office workspaces.

Leather office products, including sofas and office chairs, need to be cleaned routinely with leather cleaner only. Stay away from any cleaners with alcohol or abrasives. Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight and you can dust them periodically too. You can also purchase leather surface protectants that simply wipe on and help protect the surfaces.

Anything else not previously mentioned in fixtures needs routine cleaning and maintenance as well. Dust regularly and use surge protectors if the items are electric. Following these recommendations will help prolong the life and value of your office furniture and fixtures. This will surely help protect the investment you and your company put into the workplace.