Getting sick is normal in the world we live in, but it is important to strive to reduce that level in your work sphere. If employees get sick, it affects the entire business, especially if it happens in mass quantities. This can also potentially lead to raised health insurance plans. But the biggest issue is work performance and stability. If your employees are getting ill, it affects productivity in the workforce. Employees may be there, but not perform to standards if they don’t feel that good. And then there is the call-offs. That could put you behind, especially if several call off in a single day.

You may not be able to eliminate illness in the workforce, but you can help reduce it and keep your company at its best. You may hire a janitorial service too, but they come and go and then it is up to the employees. Here are some suggestions to think about.

Install Sanitizer Dispensers

To help reduce the spread of illness in your company, you can install sanitizer dispensers in several areas. This small expense can increase productivity and profits. It can go a long way for just a small amount of spending. It will also show your insurance provider that you are contributing to a healthier employee environment.

Restroom Maintenance

Depending on the type of work environment you have, the restroom often gets neglected. Even if you have a janitor or use a commercial service; it can be hard to keep up with the traffic. Set up a daily employee schedule for restroom maintenance. Train them to also keep it clean. A lot of times, they do not care; especially if the facility has a janitor. They should care!

Break Room Cleaning

Once again, you may have a janitor or two, but do the employees care to clean up after themselves? They may, but the room does get a lot of traffic. Set up a daily room inspection schedule to ensure the room is clean and sanitary. You don’t know where that employee’s hands have been. You don’t know how long that dish has been sitting there. You don’t know how many people have sneezed in the area. You don’t know how long that gunk has been in the microwave. No matter what scenarios are created, you get the picture. A janitor can only do so much. Employees can help maintain healthiness in the work environment too, and also save the company money in production results.

Sanitizer Sprays

One topic that doesn’t always get thought of is having sanitizer spray available throughout the facility. Lysol can go a long way with preventing the spread of illness. Create a checklist for your janitor and include the task of spraying handles, knobs, or any other frequently touched areas to help cut back those production woes. Have some available in popular areas like the break room for your employees too.