Illness is an inevitable part of life. However, in a professional setting, it’s crucial to mitigate its spread. When employees fall sick, it not only affects their well-being but also has ripple effects on business operations. A surge in illnesses can escalate health insurance costs. But most importantly, it hampers work performance and stability. An under-the-weather employee might be physically present but may not function optimally. Frequent absences can also disrupt workflows, especially if multiple employees take sick leave simultaneously.

While completely eradicating illnesses is impractical, steps can be taken to reduce their spread, ensuring the company operates optimally. Even if you have janitorial services, the responsibility doesn’t solely lie with them. Here are some proactive measures to consider:

Install Sanitizer Dispensers

Deploying sanitizer dispensers across your office can significantly curb the spread of germs. This modest investment can bolster productivity and potentially enhance profitability. Moreover, it signifies to insurance providers your commitment to fostering a healthy work environment.

Restroom Maintenance

Often, restrooms can be overlooked, especially in bustling workspaces. Regardless of having janitorial staff or a commercial cleaning company, consistent upkeep is a challenge due to constant use. Instituting a daily maintenance routine for employees can be beneficial. A common misconception is that if there’s a janitor, employees needn’t be concerned about cleanliness. This needs to change.

Break Room Cleaning

Even if janitorial services are in place, the break room, being a high-traffic area, requires special attention. A routine inspection ensures cleanliness and hygiene. Consider the unknowns: the last time a dish was washed, the frequency of sneezes in the vicinity, or the age of food remnants in the microwave. While janitorial staff can do their part, employees must contribute to maintaining a sanitary environment.

Sanitizer Sprays

An often-overlooked measure is stocking the office with disinfectant sprays. Products like Lysol can be instrumental in halting the spread of germs. Create a checklist for your commercial cleaning service, emphasizing the disinfection of frequently touched surfaces. Also, keep sprays accessible in common areas, such as the break room, encouraging employees to use them.

Remember, while Colonial Commercial Cleaning provides comprehensive cleaning solutions, the collective responsibility ensures a healthier workspace.