Here at Colonial Commercial Cleaning, we take the quality of our work very seriously. We know that by providing excellent cleaning services we are going to make our customers happy and coming back year after year.

One way we keep our customers happy is to keep our cleaning staff happy. A cleaning position with us is demanding. There is a lot of training. There are multiple layers of oversight. And sometimes it can be quite messy.

But our cleaners are a part of a team, they can work flexible schedules, they are paid well, there are opportunities for advancement and they are recognized for their hard work.

Exceptional employees are given service awards and financial incentives to continue to grow within the company and keep our clients satisfied.

This is why Colonial Commercial Cleaning has a very low employee turnover rate. We have veteran cleaners who have seen it all and know how to deliver the highest quality cleaning possible.

As you can see, we have put a lot of thought, time and energy into making sure our cleaning staff has job satisfaction. That means that when they come to your facility, they are only focused on cleaning. This leads to higher productivity, fewer mistakes and even fewer accidents.

We hope that as a client of Colonial Commercial Cleaning you know that our first priority is always you. And one of the best ways for us to deliver the highest-quality service is to have happy cleaners that are delivering stellar service to your facility every time!

If you have a cleaner that you’d like to single out for recognition, contact us here or call us at 703-257-7730!