From December to February, the likelihood of falling ill increases significantly. You might have already observed a spike in the number of employees taking sick leave recently. The reason is straightforward: close quarters lead to more interpersonal contact, which in turn offers more opportunities for germs to propagate.

The foundational step in curbing bacterial spread in the office is frequent handwashing, and it’s essential to promote this habit among everyone. Beyond that, however, the significance of consistently cleaning surfaces cannot be understated. A cursory or inconsistent cleaning routine won’t suffice. This consistent, thorough approach to cleaning is where commercial cleaning services, such as Colonial Commercial Cleaning, prove to be invaluable.

Hygienic Cleaning Goes Beyond Simple Wiping

Eliminating germs is more involved than just a brief swipe with a cloth. Thoroughly disinfecting office surfaces is paramount to ensure the elimination of harmful microbes left by inadvertent actions like sneezing or contact with unwashed hands.

Professional office cleaning crews are well-versed in pinpointing areas where bacteria are likely to linger or even proliferate. Armed with this knowledge, they prioritize the cleaning of surfaces that are potential health hazards, including stainless steel fixtures and porous materials.