December through February are the months you’re most likely to get sick. Perhaps you have already seen an increase in the number of employees taking sick leave in the past few weeks. The cause is simple: close quarters means more contact, and more contact means more chances for germs to spread.

The first step to preventing bacteria in the office is to wash your hands frequently and encourage everyone to do the same. In addition to that, though; cleaning surfaces is important, but it can’t be a hit-or-miss kind of clean. This is something that needs to be done continually, and this is where your commercial cleaning services become indispensable.

Hygienic Cleaning is More Than a Wash

Cleaning to remove germs requires more than just a quick rub with a cloth. It’s necessary to disinfect surfaces in your office to kill the germs that may have been left behind by a wayward sneeze or unwashed hand.

Professional office cleaning teams know to focus on the areas bacteria is most likely to remain, or worse, actually thrive. This knowledge allows them to focus on the surfaces that make you sick, including stainless steel fixtures and porous materials.