1789318-modern-office-building-background-040214-1185As the temperatures start to drop and fall and winter move in across the country, many homeowners are preparing their homes for the coming cold weather—but what about business owners?

Good commercial cleaners will go far in keeping your building looking fresh long-term, but there are many things you can do for your office building to help keep it looking the best it possibly can during the coming months.

Check Entryways

Colder weather often brings rain, snow, or ice with it, and this is often brought into the building by clients and employees alike. Before the weather turns too rough, make sure you have thick mats at your entryways to catch the moisture and dirt before it gets tracked onto the floor.

Check your floors, as well, for dents, cracks, and holes, as they will catch and hold dirt, making your floor look dull, dirty, and worn.

Sanitize Surfaces

It’s no secret that cold weather and enclosed spaces encourage colds and the flu through frequent contact and plenty of areas for bacteria and viruses to use to pass between people.

Frequently wipe down surfaces like door knobs/handles, counters where customers and employees interact, and chairs in waiting rooms and offices. Encourage employees to wash their hands often, and make hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes available for both employees and customers alike.

Change Air Filters

Just like you change your air conditioning and heating filters at home, making sure the filters on your heating units in your office is an important step at keeping the air clean and fresh, reducing allergens and dust for everyone in the office, and, as a bonus, keeping utility costs lower.

If you’re ready to get your office in shape for winter but need a hand, Colonial Commercial Cleaning in Fairfax, VA, is ready to make your office building shine through the cold weather!