Do you frequently find yourself running late for meetings, misplacing your keys, or forgetting where you’ve placed important documents and appointments? You’re not alone. Countless hours are wasted by individuals searching for misplaced items. If you’re looking to address this persistent challenge, follow these five easy steps to efficiently organize your office once and for all.

Identify the Categories of Your Items

Begin by categorizing the items within your workspace. Aim for no more than seven major categories. For instance, categories could include operational items (such as phone numbers, daily instructions, and procedures), product samples, customer files, tax and legal documents, reading materials, tools or articles for assessment, and future projects.

Sort the Items Within the Office

Having established your categories, sort every document and file in your office into piles corresponding to those categories. Start with visible items, then delve into contents within file cabinets, drawers, and overhead storage. If there are numerous items to sort, consider using a large box for each category to prevent mixing.

Create a Sheet Detailing Item Categories

Arrange the categorized items in a specific sequence, be it alphabetical, by date, or by subject matter. Craft an outline or sheet enumerating these sub-categories and detailing the materials each contains. This reference sheet will guide you on where items are stored in the future.

Determine Storage Locations for Each Item

Reflect on the size and frequency of access required for each item. The intended usage location within the office will also influence where you should store each category. After considering these factors, draft a layout of your office workspace indicating where each item is positioned.

Maintain Organization Daily

Dedicate roughly 10 minutes at the close of each day to reorganize and put away items. By doing so, you’ll be greeted every morning by a welcoming, systematically arranged, and tidy workspace.

When your office is well-organized, it not only boosts your productivity but also presents a professional image to visitors. And if you need a clean workspace to match your newfound organization, Colonial Commercial Cleaning is here to help.