With the prevailing thought that collaboration can spur creativity and enhance productivity, a majority of business owners are gravitating towards open office designs. In fact, a survey found that 77% of employers expressed plans to transition to an open office space.

However, recent data suggests this move towards open spaces may inadvertently impede productivity. The reason? It appears that for employees to perform optimally in various facets of their job, a degree of focus is essential.

The Importance of Focus

Typically, our brain first assimilates information and then processes it. Consider those instances when you’ve chatted with a friend, returned home, and subsequently made a decision after mulling over their advice.

This principle also extends to professional collaboration. Employees who can share ideas and later reflect upon the insights they’ve garnered tend to showcase improvements in various work-related domains. Astonishingly, employees afforded moments of focus were notably more adept not just in collaborative efforts, but also in learning and social interaction.

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