6985-101413-gs6985Have you ever pondered the scent of your office building as perceived by your customers? Although it might seem trivial, the smell is often the initial impression people have when they step into a building.

The most straightforward approach to maintaining a fresh aroma in your building is through commercial cleaning. A clean environment is less prone to emit unwanted odors. However, beyond cleaning, there are other measures you can adopt to ensure your building remains pleasantly fragrant.

Keep the Front Rooms Fresh

The key to a good-smelling office lies in maintaining cleanliness, starting right from the entrance and, if relevant, particularly in your reception area. Station sanitizing wipes near the front desk, urging your receptionists to frequently clean counters, phones, and keyboards. This not only preserves the fresh aroma but also curtails the spread of germs.

Scent—But with Discretion

We’ve all experienced bathrooms with overpowering artificial fragrances. Scent releasers, wall-mounted dispensers, plug-ins, unlit scented candles, and sprays can all impart a delightful aroma, but moderation is crucial. When choosing scent-enhancing products, ensure they’re proportionate in potency and size to the intended space. Eschew intense fragrances, leaning towards milder ones characterized by descriptors like “fresh,” “clean,” “simple,” and “linen.”

Conduct a Personal Check

Familiarity can dull your perception of your office’s scent over time. To truly gauge its aroma, note your first impression in the morning or step outside briefly and then re-enter.

With the expert assistance of Colonial Commercial Cleaning in Fairfax, VA, your office will consistently radiate the perfect fresh scent!