In a recent study of European travelers and consumers, the answer to how much cleanliness matters is simply: a lot. In fact, 97% of those surveyed said that cleanliness is the most important factor in choosing establishments including restaurant, cafes, bars, and hotels.

When you look at that number—almost 100%—office cleaning becomes a huge asset to business.

Surveyed Responses

In addition to discovering how much cleanliness mattered, the survey delved a little more deeply, looking at how those who experience cleanliness or uncleanliness in a room react to that experience.

When encountering uncleanliness, 23% of respondents would immediately leave an establishment. Even more, though; would refuse to come back: 44% said that if a business they visited didn’t meet their expectation of clean, they would never return.

In addition to getting—and keeping—business, cleanliness had one other benefit for businesses: 90% of those surveyed said that the cleanliness of the building affected how much they would tip for service.

The cleanliness of an establishment, then; leaves an impression on customers that ultimately affects both how much they will pay for the service and whether or not they will be returning customers.