After the tumultuous year that was 2020, many of us eagerly anticipate a fresh start in both our personal and professional lives in 2021. For many businesses, this means reevaluating how they operate and where they allocate their resources. Changing vendors, suppliers, or service contracts can be daunting.

Colonial Commercial Cleaning has been the gold standard in janitorial services in the Washington D.C. region for over a decade. Our unwavering commitment to health, safety, and quality has uniquely positioned us to deliver impeccable cleaning services, especially during these trying times. Thanks to our extensive experience, we’ve streamlined the onboarding process in alignment with best practices recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Here, we present some of our core processes and protocols, designed to make your transition to our services smooth and worry-free.

It Begins With a Professional Proposal

From the moment you request a free commercial cleaning quote from Colonial Commercial Cleaning, you’ll appreciate our meticulous attention to detail. Our proposal reflects your specifications, ensuring every aspect is transparent. With us, there are no hidden fees or surprise charges. Any alterations to your service needs are clearly documented and integrated into the proposal.

Our proposal also encompasses our Quality Assurance Guidelines, outlining what’s expected of our staff across various facility elements, from stairwells to ceiling vents. Plus, we provide requisite business documentation, including proof of insurance. As a testament to our quality, we gladly offer references from our existing clientele.

Our Seamless Transition Plan

Once the proposal is greenlit, Colonial Commercial Cleaning springs into action, leveraging our tried-and-true strategy to integrate new facilities efficiently. A typical transition spans 7 to 21 business days, depending on the facility’s size. The plan includes:

  • Facility Walk-Throughs: Our management team conducts a comprehensive assessment of the premises to identify any unique aspects that could influence the cleaning services.
  • Equipment Analysis: Recognizing that different facilities have varied needs, we evaluate the premises to ascertain the equipment that would be most effective.
  • Employee Evaluations: Upholding high standards means ensuring that our employees are top-notch. We’ll consult with any existing cleaning staff and gather your feedback on those you’d prefer to retain.
  • Execution Plan: This culminating step involves delivering a detailed transition blueprint, ensuring minimal disruptions.

Let’s Embark on This Journey

Colonial Commercial Cleaning has been the go-to cleaning company for businesses in Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland since 2010. Our credentials, comprising exceptional service quality, robust financial health, management depth, and adherence to regulatory standards, set us apart. We prioritize cleanliness and sanitation, sparing you the hassle of fielding complaints regarding facility conditions.

Adhering strictly to CDC guidelines, we guarantee that your workspace is in the best hands. Let us assure your employees, clients, and visitors that their health and safety are paramount.

Eager to get started? Reach out today to schedule a consultation at your convenience, and let us present a tailored proposal. Dial us at (703) 257-7730 or complete the form on this page. Your pristine facility awaits!