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Clean_OfficeArlington, VA is a place where the history of our country is being made and preserved. At the heart of heroic American heritage, this place spells out patriotism and does not leave anyone who visits it uninvolved. As a company that cherishes the legacy of our heroes and understands the value of professionals and business owners’ time in one of the most fast-paced areas in the country, Colonial Cleaning is proud to serve Arlington, VA and offers a full line of commercial cleaning services.

We provide the following services for Arlington, VA businesses and organizations:

Janitorial Services

From bathroom to air conditioning vents and everything in between, our company will clean every part of your office that requires special attention and may cause health issues for your employees. Moreover, we are available for emergency cleaning 24/7.

Office and Commercial Cleaning

When you hire an office cleaning company for your business or institution, you need to be confident that not only will it provide you with the most precise services, but that it will also be reliable and will send only trustworthy personnel. Colonial Cleaning always screens, bonds, insures, and trains its employees in accordance with the latest standards and requirements.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can potentially become the number one air pollutant and allergen. To provide your employees with a better, fresher, and cleaner work environment, check out our carpet cleaning services. We use special equipment that ensures the deep cleaning of carpets. You can also rest assured that no toxic chemicals or cleaning solutions will be used when cleaning you carpet.

So, whether you are a small business or a bigger governmental agency headquartered in Arlington, VA, we have a solution for your office cleaning needs. We offer a free initial deep office cleaning, so you can focus on your business goals and celebrating work successes.


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