Have you ever had a day just for filing because paperwork was getting out of control? Did you ever have to take time to get the office clean because it’s too messy? No one wants to have to spend a lot of time on cleaning—that’s why you hire commercial cleaners to begin with!

Of course, there are those little things that need to be cleaned along the way—how do you do it without wasting time? The answer is in planning and maintenance!

Personal Space

One of the ways to keep your office clean is to encourage your employees to keep their personal space clean. The difference personal responsibility can make to keeping an entire office clean is monumental.

Give your employees some time to clean up during the week, and provide them with supplies for organizing and cleaning, like:

  • Files & filing cabinets if applicable.
  • Baskets and trays for organizing papers and tools.
  • Sanitizing wipes.
  • Trash cans and recycling containers.

When employees start maintaining a clean environment in their personal space, it will have an impact for everyone.