Colonial Commercial Cleaning provides janitorial cleaning services for specialized businesses in the Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. area.

Our experience has allowed us to excel in cleaning critical environments also known as controlled environments. Examples of controlled environments includes data centers, laboratories, electrical rooms and building “engine” rooms.

These unique spaces are more sensitive to contamination and require precise environmental conditions such as optimal temperatures and air quality to be carefully managed.

Keeping these environments clean and free of particulates, mandates specialized training on how to efficiently clean these facilities.

At Colonial Commercial Cleaning, our team of highly skilled employees have been trained on providing specialized cleaning services for some of the most demanding controlled environments in the area.

Why You Need a Specialized
Cleaning Company for Your Facility

Many of these controlled environments are especially vulnerable to contamination, failures and down time. Some contaminates can cause electrical shorts, while some particles are corrosive.

At Colonial Commercial Cleaning, our cleaning teams are well-trained in the cleaning schedules required for these controlled environments in order to ensure long component life and uptime. Here are some of the considerations that need to be addressed:

  • Frequency: The frequency of cleaning is dependent on the type of work that’s being done and how clean the environment must be kept. For example, labs require spotless work areas, while assembly rooms may not need the same level of cleanliness maintained.
  • Types of Equipment: The type of equipment that’s being used in a controlled environment will also determine the frequency and type of cleaning required. For example, server rooms, digital scientific equipment and electronics can be damaged by dust and particles. In these types of environments, more frequent cleaning is essential to keep this type of equipment protected.
  • Cleaning Agents and Equipment: These facilities also require special cleaning chemicals and equipment to be used. HEPA-filter vacuums are mandatory, in addition to shed-resistant or low lint wipes. Depending on the type of environment, shoe-covers and in some cases masks and coats must be worn.

In a nutshell, controlled environments require specialized cleaning techniques and products to ensure their facilities remain contaminant-free. Our Colonial Commercial Cleaning teams have experience cleaning these specialized facilities and we would welcome the opportunity to clean your controlled environment.

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