Businesses nationwide grapple with the decisions of when to fully reopen and how to ensure the safety of their staff and clientele. The stakes are high concerning the cleanliness of facilities at present. Visitors need assurance that the facilities they enter have been meticulously disinfected with products and protocols approved by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to safeguard their health.

For over a decade, Colonial Commercial Cleaning has been a trusted name for janitorial services for businesses in the Washington D.C. region. Our enduring commitment to health, safety, and quality positions us uniquely to offer exceptional cleaning services during these unprecedented times. We rigorously adhere to the CDC’s guidelines for combating COVID-19 in workplaces. Our chosen products are CDC-endorsed for neutralizing this tenacious virus, and our specialty cleaning crews are well-acquainted with the requisite cleaning and disinfecting measures to secure your setting.

Today, we share cleaning suggestions, formulated from a close study of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidelines, that detail vital steps to maintain a sanitary facility.

Our Return To Work (RTW) Guidelines

Now, more than ever, both employees and clients seek assurance that rigorous measures are in place to mitigate germ transmission in workplaces. Given the virulence of the coronavirus, a heightened cleaning standard is crucial. Thus, we adhere strictly to the CDC guidelines specifying the necessary products and procedures to sanitize your establishment effectively.

The guidelines we meticulously follow include:

  • Product Use: We employ top-grade EPA-certified products listed on the CDC’s approved disinfectants roster for battling SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19. Our repertoire also includes electrostatic spray disinfection systems and color-coded microfiber cloths and mops to minimize cross-contamination risks.
  • Training: Our service personnel undergo rigorous training in the correct protocols for sanitizing commercial edifices to combat virus spreads, like COVID-19. They are also monitored stringently to ensure they meet our demanding standards.
  • Protocols: We comply with the CDC’s stepwise directives to cleanse and sanitize areas, emphasizing “high touch” zones like handrails, doorknobs, faucets, countertops, switches, common surfaces, and floors, at least 1-2 times daily. If you desire more details about our cleaning scope, we’re at your service.
  • PPE: Our staff’s exposure risk is curtailed by adhering to CDC-recommended PPE standards, which include wearing gloves, masks, and regular handwashing.

Your Return To Work (RTW) Cleaning Plan

Each business facility is unique, so we collaborate with you to craft a bespoke plan. Here’s a snapshot of what our recommendations might entail for your facility’s sanitation and disinfection:

  • Step #1: Deep Clean Service: A thorough initial deep clean is paramount, especially for businesses that haven’t sustained regular cleaning. Post this, we advocate monthly deep cleaning as a preventive measure against COVID-19. [Discover more about our comprehensive deep clean service here].
  • Step #2: Clean Facility Daily: As emphasized by the CDC, it’s vital to clean high-contact areas at least 1-2 times daily. For public zones like restrooms or break rooms, consider bi-daily cleaning, if budget permits. Ideally, opt for daily cleanings till the pandemic is controlled.
  • Step #3: Augment Sanitization Products: Incorporate public health equipment into your facility as per CDC advisories. Especially bolster sanitation in high-traffic areas. Often, masks and related supplies will be mandated for all present.

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