People always say that good help is hard to find these days. That may be true for many, but there are ways to increase innovation in the workplace which can increase productivity.

Offices these days seem to struggle with space restrictions and many are overcrowded or not maintained well. Commercial cleaning can help maintain the positive atmosphere over messy and crowded workplaces. Messes drain energy, but a tidy workplace can increase that energy. Your employees should have other things to focus on, not maintaining a clean environment. Nevertheless, this issue, along with the spaces for employees can cramp innovative efforts. Having the right setup can bring out the imaginative thinking and creative ideas that your company needs to achieve success.

Employees also affect innovation so having the right setting can make the efforts improve and hopefully exceed expectations.

Second, find employees that can understand the vision of the company so that the team will work seamlessly with the company vision. Existing employees can be trained to better understand that vision. Be open to suggestive ideas and allow employees to disagree and provide input. Disagreeing with you is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, opening up to suggestions or ideas is the key to company success. You must be capable of listening and showing your employees to not fear voicing their opinions.

Third, ensure employees get breaks and time off. During the hustle and bustle of the work world, employee motivation and energy drains, leading to less productivity and less innovative thinking. If possible, allow for breaks whenever the employees desire. If not, allow employees a break before lunch and a break after lunch—a good break, not 15 minutes. Also, give them personal days at their discretion, without the fear of calling off. If they cannot come to work focused and energetic, they can hamper the team efforts or provide subpar work. Allowing time off gives your employees time to come back ready and strong, which leads to better quality performance. In addition, they will be more willing to provide the efforts you desire because they appreciate your efforts and your consideration for them.