Getting ill or injured at a job is stressful for everyone involved, and many times, can be easily avoided with some thoughtful care. Could office safety be as simple as getting a visit from commercial cleaners and keeping a tidy space? Safety experts say yes!

Many injuries suffered in an office environment are directly related to things that were left on the ground and caused a fall, items arranged in a way that made passing perilous, or caused by things falling from unsafe piles.

What to Watch For

Prevent many injuries and illnesses by keeping an eye on these three things:

1. Piles of…Anything! Clutter is not only stress-inducing, it also can have a negative affect on your health. Clutter tends to attract dust like a magnet, often creating allergic responses in the people nearby.

It also can be downright dangerous. That corner stacked high with computer parts, boxes of papers, decorations, and files can be hazardous when you’re trying to reach just one thing in the middle, prompting trips and topples.