Keeping your facility clean is one thing – keeping it clean and healthy for your employees, clients and the environment is quite another. Not all companies choose to focus on this, but they should.

The dangers of many chemical cleaners are well documented. According to the National Environmental Trust (NET), harsh ingredients used to enhance the performance of a product can impair neurological functions and act as respiratory irritants, carcinogens or reproductive toxins. And when these cleaners run off into drains and sewers, they introduce a dangerous threat to the environment.

This is why Colonial Commercial Cleaning only uses environmentally-friendly products for our clients. In fact, we are green certified so our clients can rest assured that their office space is being cleaned in a healthy manner.

What Is “Effective” Cleaning?

“Healthy” cleaning is important, but equally as critical is “effective” cleaning. The NET has said that you don’t really need chemicals to clean. And although chemicals can make cleaning easier, it’s not necessarily any better. So how do you get the best of both worlds?

You partner with the best.

Most of the products we use at Colonial Commercial Cleaning are purchased through Solutex, Inc., a fellow Virginia-based company that supplies industrial and commercial cleaning solutions designed to be safer for the environment and people.

From disinfectants to glass cleaners to degreasers, many of the products we use carry the Safer Choice label, which signifies the ingredients have been through a rigorous review by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure they meet stringent criteria.

Our goal and commitment at Colonial is to provide our clients with quality cleaning services while using eco-friendly products because protecting the health of your employees and making your facility sparkle is a must.

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