Spending money on something that doesn’t directly affect your profits seems counterintuitive. At first sight, you wouldn’t think that having a clean office would save you resources.

After all, you’re spending resources on it—resources that could go toward new hires and R&D programs. However, we’ve written this article to show you otherwise.

There are tons of ways that a commercial cleaning company in Northern Virginia can save you time and resources instead of the other way around.

#1 Less Time Spent on Hiring Talent

The best employees demand the best workplaces. There’s no avoiding this fact. It takes a lot of time and money to get a candidate for an interview.

If their first impression of the company is that it’s dirty and there’s clutter everywhere, they’ll start having second thoughts in the waiting room … before they’ve even had a chance to meet you.

By investing in a cleaner office, you’ll increase the likelihood of top-quality employees wanting to stick around and work with you. This will save you from spending more on hiring new people, and your HR department will thank you for reducing their workload.

Furthermore, once you’ve hired these employees, the likelihood that they’ll quit is reduced if your office maintains its pleasant, welcoming aura.

Experiencing employee turnover and hiring fresh talent is always a time-consuming nightmare that you could avoid by keeping your office clean with a commercial cleaning company.

#2 Fewer Sick Leaves

Dust, mold, and allergens are constantly floating around everywhere. Your employees could easily fall victim to them and become sick.

Think about the implications here. When one employee is out of commission, it disturbs their entire team, and by extension, the entire company. The following result is tons of frustration and delays across the board.

Now, employees can get sick outside of the workplace, and that’s OK. The real issue arises when the source of the sickness is your office itself. Once it’s discovered that your workplace has mold, everyone will have to either stop working or work remotely until you’ve got the issue squared away.

A disastrous incident like this would end up costing the company a lot more than commercial cleaning services in Northern Virginia would.

The smart thing to do is to get your workspace cleaned on a regular basis so that there’s no possibility of any illnesses lurking about the place, waiting to victimize your workforce.

#3 No Need for an In-house Cleaning Team

Once you start hiring janitorial services in Northern Virginia, you won’t really have the need for an in-house team. Professional cleaning companies are more likely to adhere to safety laws and regulations.

Also, cleaning companies provide their own cleaning materials and equipment, so you won’t have to spend money purchasing them. Therefore, you won’t have to allocate a separate space in your office just to store equipment and materials.

Both of these factors combine to save you from hiring full-time cleaning staff, buying cleaning materials and equipment for your office, and having to store them safely.

Since you won’t need to waste additional space for storing cleaning equipment, you can use it for something more productive.

Speaking of additional space—cleaning companies will usually clear away all the clutter in your office, creating tons of additional room for you to work with.

#4 Your Furniture Will Last Longer

Furniture starts to lose its quality if it’s not taken care of. A commercial cleaning company in Northern Virginia would make sure that all your furniture is dusted and polished on a regular basis to make it last for as long as possible.

That’s thousands of dollars saved in unnecessary furniture acquisition costs.

It doesn’t even stop there. Your cleaning contractor will also ensure that your appliances, like your refrigerator, stay functioning due to regular cleaning. HVAC systems require quarterly filter changes without which they can become a hazard and also lose their cooling potency.

A cleaning company would make sure that’s never an issue.

In Summary

Commercial cleaning companies will save you a lot more resources and time than you spend on them. You will:

  • Attract better talent and be able to retain it
  • Have fewer sick leaves
  • Ensure your furniture stays in good condition
  • Have more space in the office to work with
  • Avoid having to spend money on in-house cleaning staff or equipment

All of which will be huge money savers down the line.