ecology_2008002993-1113int-ecologyIt seems the trend these days is going green or eco-friendly. Wherever you look you can find advertisements about products or services that are green, and one of those eco-friendly services is green cleaning. So is green cleaning really safer than chemical cleaning? This article is going to explore the question.

Green Cleaning Overview

When the time comes that you need debris, grime and other grubs out of the way, it’s time for a thorough cleaning. You can either do the cleaning yourself, or hire a cleaning service company. These days, you have the option of hiring a green cleaning business.

What’s the difference?

When traditional cleaning services do the cleaning for you, they will be using chemicals to help them with the job. The main difference with a Green Cleaning service is that they use less harmful substances and eco-friendly chemicals as a cleaning aid.

Why Green Cleaning?

The real problem with non-green cleaning services is that the chemicals they use can cause harmful effects not only to the environment, but also to the human body.

As these chemicals dry up, they release chemical compounds into the air that can cause health problems such as reproductive toxins, carcinogens and respiratory irritants.

When it comes to the environment, these chemicals can cause a lot of disruption and damage. For example, phosphate, a common cleaning compound found in many cleaning agents, can decrease the oxygen levels of rivers, lakes and other bodies of water, decreasing overall water quality.

With green cleaning services such as Colonial Cleaning in Virginia, they will only use cleaning agents and tools that are considered non-harmful to the body and the environment. The downside is, these green cleaning agents are not as “strong” when it comes to cleaning. This means, the cleaning service has to do more work, which is why they are a bit more expensive compared to non-green cleaning services.


Green cleaning companies are here to provide cleaning services using cleaning agents that are non-harmful to the environment and the body. However, they may be priced a little higher compared to traditional cleaning services. In exchange, you have peace of mind that you are not harming anyone nor the environment.