Not that many years ago, the decision to use non-toxic or biodegradable cleaning materials was a luxury. These products were far more expensive and harder to source. But today, deciding to use environmentally-friendly products is a no-brainer.

It is no longer a nice thing to do, it is the responsible choice and it’s important that everyone does their part to reduce their carbon footprint. Plus, using environmentally-friendly, or eco-friendly, products reduces the chemicals that we expose to ourselves and introduce into the environment.

At Colonial Commercial Cleaning, we are green certified, so you can rest assured knowing that your commercial or office space is being cleaned the healthy way. Below is a brief overview of why we’ve chosen to use only environmentally-friendly products for our clients.

Health and Safety: Using environmentally-friendly cleaning products is beneficial to the health of all employees, as well as yourself. Most cleaning products that can be bought today contain many harmful ingredients that linger in the air long after you’ve used them, causing a lasting danger to staff and visitors.

Cost Efficiency: Though green products are still sold at a premium, they save more money in the long run because they can prevent many avoidable medical emergencies such as allergic reactions or accidentally ingesting these harmful chemicals. They can also be better for your facilities infrastructure like floors, furniture and technology.

Quality Rating: Using high-quality products while contributing to the conservation of the environment will earn better ratings and recommendations for any business. If you wish to build a reputable company, it is important to use eco-friendly products that keep you and your employees safe and to do your part to reduce the human impact on our environment.

No Fines and Consequences: Some states impose hefty fines on business owners who use certain cleaning products or dispose of them incorrectly. Using environmentally-friendly products significantly reduces the chance of facing fines and hassle that will distract you and your employees from doing their work.

At Colonial Commercial Cleaning, we stand by our commitment to delivering a quality clean, with eco-friendly products at affordable prices. Our reputation speaks for itself and is evidenced by the level of customer satisfaction our clients experience.

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