At Colonial Commercial Cleaning, our commitment to health and safety is unwavering. We prioritize creating a safe and healthy environment for both your team and patrons.

To guarantee our customers’ well-being, we invest significantly in the training and continual development of our cleaning specialists. This ensures they always grasp the magnitude of their responsibilities. Our employees are pivotal in maintaining the cleanliness of your establishment. Consequently, we’ve instituted rigorous policies to ensure they comply with the safety protocols and best practices designed to safeguard everyone involved.

Here’s an overview of the guidelines we’ve set in place at Colonial Commercial Cleaning:

All employees must:

  • Prioritize safety, ensuring neither they nor others are put at risk.
  • Collaborate wholeheartedly by flagging any shortcomings in safety provisions.
  • Promptly report any hazards or defects to their supervisory chain.
  • Handle and dispose of cleaning materials appropriately.
  • Engage in routine performance evaluations.
  • Chronicle their cleaning procedures using our Swept Mobile App during each client visit.
  • Collaborate with managers during cleaning assessments.

Furthermore, Colonial Commercial Cleaning adheres to The Janitorial Safety Training Program, curated by the Labor Occupational Health Program (LOHP) at the University of California, Berkeley. This is a component of the Worker Occupational Safety and Health Training and Education Program (WOSHTEP). WOSHTEP operates under the Commission on Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation in the Department of Industrial Relations, in partnership with both LOHP at the University of California, Berkeley, and the Labor Occupational Safety and Health Program at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Additionally, our regimen includes mandatory background screenings and drug tests.

As demonstrated, our dedication to health and safety is paramount. Should you have inquiries or wish to connect with us, please contact us here or dial 703-257-7730!