internet_icon_15Caring for commercial floors requires different types of equipment depending on the physical size and nature of flooring to be cleaned. Cleaning floors can be tedious and repetitive, but it is an essential task to ensure cleanliness and safety. Fortunately, there are various machines that help to reduce fatigue and physical exertion, while ensuring that the cleaning is carried out quickly and efficiently. Below is some of the available equipment for cleaning your commercial flooring:

Vacuum Cleaners

This machine has been around for years, but recent versions feature sophisticated dust control filtration systems, and have safety certifications for potentially explosive or hazardous dust.

Floor Sweeper

This equipment is mainly found in warehouses and factories, and serves the same purpose as a broom. You have the option to change brushes for different cleaning needs, like stiff brushes for removing heavy dirt, and soft brushes for removing light deposits. Floor sweepers are also equipped with a self-leveling mechanism to facilitate good contact with the cleaning surface.

Floor Scrubbers

These are similar to sweepers, though they can also be used to wash the floor. You can choose between disc and cylindrical brushes, depending on the type of surface being cleaned. There are many machines under this category, some of which employ revolutionary technology that either reduces or eliminated the need for chemical detergents.

When purchasing cleaning equipment for your floor include, you should ensure that:

  • You buy from a reputable source
  • The equipment is capable of handling the intended purpose, such as removing dust or scrubbing.
  • The equipment is of an appropriate size relative to the physical area that needs cleaning
  • The source of power is convenient – plug or battery powered
  • It is robust – must be capable of withstanding the harsh commercial environment

Considering the many different makes and models of machines for floor cleaning, you should consult an equipment specialist to help you identify the best one for your intended application. And if you are in the Manassas, Virginia area and would rather hire professional commercial cleaners to handle all your cleaning needs, do not hesitate to contact Colonial Commercial Cleaning, LLC.