One of the biggest concerns for company owners in the hospitality industry who have substantial amounts of foot traffic in their business establishment is maximizing the lifespan and the appearance of their floors. Utilizing the resources of a Commercial Floor Cleaning Service is an obvious way to assure that your carpet looks it’s best and lasts for as long as possible.

Bars and Restaurants

For businesses that serve food and drink, especially those that have carpeting installed, the flooring can take a beating over the course of a month. When you add in factors like spilled drinks, dropped food, and general wear and tear from employees and patrons, your carpet floor is likely to amass copious amounts of dirt and debris, even when the floor gets vacuumed regularly.

While a sweeper is excellent at removing surface dirt, most vacuums do not excel in removing debris and dirt that has settled deeper in the pile of the carpet.

To lift this ground in dirt from the tapestry, hiring professional commercial floor cleaning services assures that your carpet gets thoroughly cleaned using eco-friendly products that brighten your carpet while adding a light, fresh scent to your environment.

According to sources, one square inch of carpeting can contain as many as 200,000 germs and bacteria, so the more frequently and skillfully carpets are cleaned, the better it is for everyone. By keeping a regularly scheduled deep cleaning of your carpeting, you increase the cleanliness and health standards of your restaurant or bar all year long.

Hotels and Motels

Efficiently managing a hotel while keeping patrons happy with their experience can be challenging, even for the most experienced managers. All guests expect that a high-level of cleanliness gets maintained throughout the facility, starting in the lobby, through the halls, in their guest room, and anywhere else in the building where they are likely to frequent during their visit.

Contracting a Commercial Floor Cleaning Service provider like Colonial Cleaners to handle all your carpet and floor cleaning needs is a smart idea because they have the equipment, the supplies, and well-trained carpet cleaning staff to handle this tedious and time-consuming task.

Not only do they make sure that the carpets and floors they clean are left spotless, but they also offer flexible scheduling that allows their customers to plan when – and how often – each guest room or public area gets commercially cleaned. For large areas like banquet or convention halls, they are happy to clean at hours that are convenient for the customer, so as not to cause conflicts with scheduled events.

There is a lot to be said for working with trusted, reliable commercial floor cleaning services company in the Metro DC area. Their strong background in the cleaning arts helps assure that the flooring in your facility is bright, clean, and meets the expectations of your valued customers.

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