Your main focus as a facility manager is commercial cleaning, organization, and a sustainable work environment. If you are a sales associate, your main focus is to provide excellent customer service and close sales to keep the company going. If you are an accountant, your main role is to keep the business in check with expenses, finances, taxes, and profit. Nevertheless, times change and roles in the workplace become more than just your assigned role. With the tight budgets of companies and the risk of future success, employees handle more than just their official duties.

In retail, an employee may be hired as an electronics associate, but must handle all departments in the store and perhaps execute closing operations too. A secretary in an office may be hired to handle calls and take care of customer issues, but can end up also having to maintain the restrooms, maintain and order office supplies, handle account receivables, execute phone solicitations, etc. A finance manager may have budget, payroll, and expense reports to create and manage, but also has to act as secretary or handle scheduled events. In today’s world, your job is more than just your job and changes can and will happen within your position or company.

As a facility manager, store manager, or business owner; be prepared for change and find ways to integrate the duties effectively. Your employees may have other duties assigned to them, which means you need to be prepared to effectively handle the circumstances and work outside of the box too. You need to think of potential changes that may be needed in the future. It is not a good idea to just suddenly switch things around. This can affect overall company performance and results. Think of potential adjustments before they are needed so that you can properly execute an organized strategy.