Carpets bring an element of elegance to bland floors. They also improve the quality of air inside the house by acting as air filters. Even if we vacuum our carpets regularly, the contaminants and allergens keep trapping inside the fibrous layers which become the cause behind various skin allergies and respiratory conditions. These mostly include dirt, dust, pollens, mold, pollution, pet dander and mites. Deep down thorough cleaning is the only way to remove them. The best way to achieve this comes through commercial carpet cleaning. But it is important to know whether the cleaning professionals are using eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions for your carpets?

The traditional way of commercial cleaning uses synthetic chemical cleaning agents which are highly toxic. They are known to cause harmful effects on the health of humans and animals besides taking its toll on the environment. With an increasing awareness about the harmful effects of chemicals on human health, green carpet cleaning solutions have become the need of the hour. So, when you opt for commercial carpet cleaning, do look out for green washing or the cleaning that involves plant based cleaning solutions and non-toxic steam extraction methods.

These eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions are equally effective for removing allergens and contaminants. Being plant based, they do not play havoc with the health of your loved ones. Many companies have evolved their own innovative measures for deep down thorough cleaning. In addition to natural cleaning solution, they try to minimize the use of water as well, so not just health and environment safety, these professionals rank high on water conservation too. These cleaning professional companies also have their system in place for treating or transporting waste water. So, they try their best to leave as little carbon footprint as possible.

On your part, besides regular vacuuming, you should try to remove stains and spot by spot cleaning technique. You can use homemade or commercially available green cleaning products but this is cleaning on a superficial level, it doesn’t remove mites and bacteria embedded deep inside your carpet. For hygienic and fresh smelling interiors, commercial carpet cleaning that uses eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions is the best because it cares about the health of your loved ones and mother earth.