Everyone has encountered dust while cleaning. All you have to do is look above the wardrobe after months of ignoring it and it’s staring back at you. An annoying house guest might write ‘clean me’ on a dusty mirror. Even if everything is clean in a room the dust and cobwebs are there, teasing the cleaner. Masses of dust are sweetly called ‘dust bunnies’ though it’s more to do with how rapidly they multiply rather than dust being adorable.

Dust is a mixture of different particles from around the house. Human and animal hairs, soil, pollen, fibers from paper and human skin cells are some of the few particles that can combine to form dust. It doesn’t sound particularly pleasant but rather than hair and skin cells stuck together dust resembles ashen snow. It can usually be found in areas of the house that have not been touched in some time, such as on the top of the kitchen cabinets. Dust can cause complications for people who have respiratory illnesses or hay fever, the reason for this is due to dust, which has become airborne through cleaning or touching something dusty, entering the lungs.

So how does someone get rid of dust? Feather dusters are generally used, however this does not exactly get rid of the dust. The movements of the duster simply moves the dust elsewhere. If someone was to use a duster it would be best to open a window and coax the dust outside or gather the dust together in a bag to throw away. Newspaper can be placed atop cabinets to collect dust, making it easier to clean as all you have to do is change the newspaper. Though do this with caution as the dust could fly up into the air.

To get rid of dust in the air either invest in an air humidifier or try to air out the house by opening all of the windows. Carpets are notorious for dust as it clings to the carpet much more easily than it would on a wooden floor. A vacuum cleaner specifically for dust would help to get dust out of carpets while rugs can be taken out of the house and have the dust beaten out of them.

It is a constant battle to clean dust, the only way to ensure the dust bunnies do not win is to stop them from settling for too long.