Colonial Commercial Cleaning provides janitorial cleaning services for diverse businesses across Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. Our extensive experience across varied facilities equips us with invaluable insights. Today, we wish to impart some specialized tips garnered over the years. These vital cleaning guidelines aim to assist in maintaining and safeguarding your floors during the intense summer months typical of the DMV region.

Tip #1: Monitor Your Humidity Levels

Anyone who has spent time in Northern Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, D.C., especially in August, understands how integral humidity is to the weather. An 80% humid day can deteriorate outdoor air quality. In your business, excessive humidity can create complications: Excessive moisture might cause hardwood floors to expand and warp, while insufficient moisture can lead them and other surfaces to fracture.

If humidity levels in your establishment concern you, it would be prudent to consult with your building or facility manager, or even an HVAC specialist. And, if Colonial Commercial Cleaning is already assisting with your floor maintenance, we remain vigilant, ensuring we notify you of any imminent issues.

Tip #2: Opt for No-Dip Mops

In truth, mopping technology hasn’t evolved much, until the advent of no-dip mops. These mops present several advantages. Primarily, they never come into contact with dirty water, enhancing their cleaning efficiency and reducing the chances of transferring contaminants from one area to another. Additionally, they allow for better control over cleaning solution quantities, making it safer for your floors. Lastly, no-dip mops use microfiber materials adept at trapping dirt, ensuring a superior cleaning result. This is especially useful during August’s intense storms when staff and customers bring in water, mud, and other residues.

Tip #3: Install Floor Mats in High-Traffic Zones

The optimal strategy for year-round floor protection, especially in the summer, is utilizing floor mats. Strategically placing removable mats in high-traffic zones allows them to endure the constant foot traffic and associated dirt. These mats can be momentarily shifted for comprehensive cleaning and swapped out when necessary.

Such mats shield your permanent flooring from the numerous challenges discussed, inclusive of the potent sunlight commonly witnessed during these months.

For those keen on ensuring the cleanliness and protection of their facility’s floors, we’re here to assist. Our commercial cleaning services are tailored to cleanse and defend your surfaces from germs, dirt, and the unique climatic conditions of our region.

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