Colonial Commercial Cleaning provides janitorial cleaning services for all types of businesses in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Our experience in a variety of facilities has allowed us to put our expertise to good use. Today, we would like to share some of the special tips we have learned along the way. These important cleaning tips should help you preserve and protect your floors as we wind our way through the some of the most demanding months of summer in the DMV.

Tip #1: Watch Your Humidity Levels

You don’t have to spend much time in Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington, D.C. in August to know that humidity is a major part of the weather. An 80% humidity day can contribute to unsafe outdoor air quality. When the humidity gets out of control in your business, it can cause additional problems. Too much moisture, and your hardwood floors could swell and buckle. Not enough moisture and hardwoods and other surfaces could crack.

If you are concerned about the humidity levels in your facility, be sure to speak with your building manager, facility manager or HVAC specialist. And if you are already entrusting Colonial Commercial Cleaning to help with the regular cleaning of your floors, we’ll be sure to point out any potential problems should they arise.

Tip #2: Only Use No-Dip Mops

To be honest, not many advancements have been made in mop technology. That was until no-dip mops became available. There are a few advantages to using this type of equipment. First, the mop is never dipped into used or dirty water. This increases the cleaning ability and decreases the likelihood of cross contamination from one surface to another.

Also, the amount of cleaning solution and moisture can be better controlled and be safer for your flooring. Finally, no-dip mops use microfiber cloths that are more effective at trapping dirt and particles, so you get a better clean and less surface buildup and staining. This is particularly helpful when powerful August storms hit, and employees and customers track in water, mud and other particulates.

Tip #3: Use Floor Mats in High-Traffic Areas

The best way to protect your floors in the summer—and year-round—is with floor mats. When you have removable floor mats in high-traffic areas, they can take the abuse of all those shoes and layers of dirt. They can be temporarily moved for more thorough cleaning and replaced as needed.

Removable floor mats will protect your permanent flooring materials from everything we’ve talked about today including the blistering glare of direct sunshine we experience during this time of the year.

If you are interested in the protection and cleanliness of your facility’s flooring, give us a call. Our janitorial services are designed to clean and protect your surfaces from germs, dirt and the special climate conditions in this region.

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