One of the top questions we get from new clients is: “What happens if I have a problem or complaint?”

It’s understandable why this question comes up over and over. It’s because many cleaning companies don’t take the time to put a clear plan of action in place for the client to provide feedback and to have issues addressed.

At Colonial Commercial Cleaning, we have a 3-part Corrective Action Reporting (CAR) program in place to address any issues you may want to bring to our attention.

When an issue is identified, we first go through a Root Cause Analysis to undercover the issue, next we provide refresher training if necessary and last, but no least, we ensure the on-site manager keeps a close eye on the issue. The client is kept informed during this process.

In addition, we have Standard Incident Protocols that must be adhered to as well.

Complaint Escalation Process

We take incidents and complaints very seriously.  As such, below is an overview of our complaint escalation process, which is designed to encourage fast and efficient resolution.

While we will always aim to provide our customers with awesome customer service, we recognize that our clients may wish to express dissatisfaction with our services, staff or procedures.

Step 1: First Contact

To begin any complaint, our clients call us or send an email. During this call, our customers interact with our Customer Service Representative (CSR). Our CSR is empowered to resolve complex issues and first level complaints and make fair and reasonable customer service decisions.

Step 2: Escalation to a Field Manager

If a CSR is not able resolve a complaint, they can escalate it to a Field Manager or an appropriate alternative senior member of staff if a Field Manager is not available.

The Field Manager will review the dispute and attempt to resolve the complaint.

Step 3: Referred to Solutions Team

If a Field Manager or Senior Field Manager is unable to resolve a complaint to our customers complete satisfaction, the issue will be referred to our Solutions team.

A member of the team will make contact to schedule a visit to the facility within 24 hours of receiving the referral. We aim to resolve all complaints immediately from the date of initial acknowledgement. Complex problems may require up to 48 hours to adequately resolve them.

As you can see, we take feedback very seriously and have the staff, protocols and know-how to address issues quickly.

We hope that as a client or prospective client of Colonial Commercial Cleaning you will never have to report a cleaning service issue, but if it does happen, you can rest assured that your issue will be heard and that it will be resolved in an expedited time frame.

If you have any questions or need to reach us, please contact us here or call us at 703-257-7730!