Successful office managers understand the secret: delegating tasks to the appropriate personnel is crucial to ensure that all aspects of the job are completed in a timely and professional manner. When it comes to maintaining a clean commercial office in Washington, DC, area, it’s essential to entrust this duty to a licensed, bonded, and specialized commercial cleaning company like Colonial Commercial Cleaning, which possesses the necessary staff, supplies, and skills to keep your commercial space hygienic and orderly.

Keep Things Clean without Hiring Extra Staff

One of the primary advantages of contracting a company like Colonial Commercial Cleaning for your Washington DC cleaning needs is the cost-saving benefit. Instead of adding payrolled part-time or full-time employees for cleanup and purchasing internal cleaning supplies, professional commercial cleaning services offer flexibility. These services can be scheduled as per your business requirements, be it weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Regular Maintenance and Periodic Cleaning

We provide a diverse array of commercial cleaning services, allowing commercial building owners and managers to depend on us for tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, bathroom cleaning, disinfection, and overall tidiness. Alongside these core services, Colonial Commercial Cleaning also offers more extensive, periodic cleanings like Deep Carpet Cleaning, Floor Stripping, Waxing, Sealing, and Hardwood Floor Waxing. For high foot traffic environments like restaurants, bars, hotels, and reception areas, these professional floor cleaning services help preserve the beauty and durability of the flooring. By regularly opting for deep cleaning, businesses can extend the lifespan of their floors, making it a cost-effective choice.

Quality Assurance Guaranteed!

Colonial Commercial Cleaning has been serving commercial and business clients in the Greater Washington DC area for over a decade. We value our clients and guarantee that our quality of work aligns with your expectations. Every member of our team is thoroughly trained and undergoes background checks before being assigned to customer accounts. We prioritize environmentally-friendly cleaning compounds and tools, ensuring our services have a reduced ecological impact compared to competitors that might rely on harmful chemicals and outdated equipment not up to “Green Certified” standards.

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