The cleanliness of an office or workplace is often considered to be an indication of the professionalism of the business by customers. However, many offices or workplaces lack the necessary staff, time, and expertise to keep the office spick and span. By using the services of a cleaning service like Colonial Commercial Cleaning, a business or office can ensure that the workplace is cleaned regularly while keeping the cost of cleaning to a minimum. Many of these services have customized plans to suit offices of all sizes.

Different kinds of surfaces need specialized equipment and supplies for cleaning – the process of cleaning wooden flooring will differ from cleaning carpets. Our commercial cleaning specialists have many years of experience cleaning different surfaces, using the latest specialized materials as well as equipment available on the market. For carpet cleaning, specialized commercial-grade vacuum cleaners will remove all the hidden dirt from the carpet. Hardwood wooden floors will be cleaned and then given a wax coating. They also offer event cleaning, cleaning up after a function like a party or sports event has taken place.

Businesses interested in using the commercial cleaning services offered can contact the business over the phone, email, or use the website to get a free estimate for their requirements. The commercial cleaning service providers will visit the office premises or workplace to assess the cleaning requirements and make a suitable proposal to the admin staff. The frequency of the cleaning can be adjusted as required by the business. While some offices will need to be cleaned daily, other offices may need commercial cleaning services less frequently – weekly or even monthly. In a few cases, the business may have a one-time cleaning requirement, for example, after a party or a natural calamity, and a customized proposal will be provided for this request.

One of the frequent complaints of businesses using commercial cleaning services is that the quality of the services is inconsistent. Initially, the cleaning service provider may be able to offer excellent quality services, but over a period, the quality of these services will deteriorate. Hence, it is important to ensure that the cleaning service provider has adequate systems in place to closely monitor the quality of the cleaning work done. This includes having a suitable employee monitoring system in place, to ensure that the employees visit the workplace and clean it as required.

Some of the measures used by the cleaning company to ensure quality cleaning are training the staff regularly in the latest cleaning techniques and having their experienced managers conduct periodic check-ups of the workplace to ensure that the cleaning is as per the company standards. Microfiber fabrics are used for mops and other cleaning devices, to ensure that almost all the dust and allergies causing microbes are removed from surfaces and corners. The vacuum backpacks have HEPA filters and are designed to extract dirt from hidden corners. Quality assurance systems put in place will ensure that all employees of the cleaning service will provide the same level of service. Many years of experience in cleaning ensures that customers get the best deal.