Your workplace cleaning requirements vary with the seasons. The Christmas season might create unique problems for you and your office cleaning service.

With so many workers on vacation, you may discover that you require less from your regular office cleaning services. On the other hand, you may need additional cleaning services due to vendor visits or holiday parties. Even the best among us might find ourselves ticking down the days until Thanksgiving and Christmas, thinking about the food, family, and games. Even our most active and productive workers may make a mad dash for the door at the onset of Christmas vacation. Cluttered workstations, leftover food from the workplace Christmas party, and other factors might make it difficult for your office cleaning service to provide the best quality service on your office cleaning. So, how can you prep for this wonderful, yet stressful time of year, and even utilize some of the leisure time to keep your workplace sparkling?

Remember to keep your desks and workstations tidy.

Normally, your business cleaning service is required to clean the open surfaces of workstations without displacing items. Bundles of documents, garbage, glasses, and other items recklessly left behind will make cleaning workstations more difficult. As a facility manager or executive assistant, remind staff members that spending a few minutes to arrange their workspaces before sprinting for the exit at the end of the workday or in preparation for the holiday is considerate to co-workers and helps your trusted commercial cleaning in Washington DC do their job effectively.

Don’t let the office fridge turn into a holiday health risk.

With more workers vacationing and an influx of company Christmas parties, the workplace refrigerator may rapidly become the spookiest area in your office. Don’t let abandoned meals, towering dishes of desserts and sweets that nobody wants to take home, or giant food packages take over the workplace fridge. Your office fridge may be a stinky nuisance if left mismanaged and may even risk health safety as well. Are you having trouble getting workers to identify their eight-day-old Chinese leftovers or half-empty drink cans? We believe it is prudent to schedule a periodic cleaning every week and issue a reminder to allow staff members the opportunity to collect items they don’t want to see thrown away. It’s a great idea to complete a cleaning service just before your commercial cleaning service arrives so that they can clean out the fridge and promptly discard unrefrigerated food to prevent it from stinking up your office.

Winter and the holidays are peak cold and flu season.

Winter is the peak flu and cold season, and nobody likes to become ill right before Christmas. Your trusted company for office cleaning in Washington DC can assist by cleaning for hygiene and concentrating on hotspots and contact points, which are locations that receive a large number of touches during the day, to prevent disease-causing microbes and keep your employees healthy. You should remind your staff to contribute by taking these steps:

  • Know and practice good etiquette, such as washing your hands often, particularly after sneezing, wiping your nose, or coughing into your hands instead of your elbow.
  • Use antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer, and continue to wash your hands frequently.
  • Keep your hands away from your eyes, mouth, and nose.
  • Make sure to wash your hands after using the bathroom and before cooking or consuming meals.

Deep cleaning, necessary maintenance, and even preventive maintenance are all options.

There are always maintenance and cleaning jobs that need to be completed in any professional facility. With all the staff on vacation, Christmas may be an ideal opportunity to perform comprehensive cleaning, maintenance and repairs, and even preventative maintenance. Did you know that janitorial services in Washington DC also provide business cleaning services like window washing and carpet and floor deep cleaning? The Christmas season might be an excellent opportunity to fix minor cleaning issues at your business before they become major ones.

The winter holidays could be a good time to upgrade — give the ultimate gift to yourself

A good office cleaning service is a present you give to yourself. If your office cleaning service is on Santa’s naughty list, it’s time to rethink your janitorial choices. If you have just a few manageable difficulties, you may simply need to sit down and inform your cleaning company what you require, allowing them to start again and perform a better quality job. If the difficulties have escalated and you’ve lost trust in your corporate cleaning company, it might be time to hire an office cleaning service that can provide prompt, reliable, and high-quality services for your workplace, and the holidays provide you the best opportunity to step in the right direction.