There’s no question that toxic cleaners are bad for your health. But did you know that regularly using these products could have the same effect as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day?

That’s what a study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine found last year. Researchers at the University of Bergen in Norway conducted a 20-year longitudinal study that looked at the lung function in over 6,000 participants in 22 locations around the world.

The results revealed that lung capacity decreased faster for women who regularly cleaned their own homes than those who did not. The decline was even more drastic for those who worked as professional cleaners, and asthma was also more prevalent. The effect was comparable to that seen in people with a pack-a-day smoking habit. (As there were fewer males in the study who worked as cleaners, the same trend was not seen in men.)

This wasn’t the first study to wave a red flag over harmful ingredients in cleaning products, and it likely won’t be the last. The American Lung Association warns that ammonia, bleach and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can lead to chronic respiratory problems, allergic reactions and even cancer. And according to the National Environmental Trust, harsh ingredients used to enhance the performance of a product can impair neurological functions and act as respiratory irritants, carcinogens or reproductive toxins. Plus, when these cleaners run off into drains and sewers, they introduce a dangerous threat to the environment.

We Are Committed to Keeping the Environment Healthy

It’s why Colonial Commercial Cleaning is committed to solely using environmentally-friendly products – not only for the earth but for the health of our employees, too. In fact, we are green certified so you can rest assured that your commercial or office space is being cleaned in a healthy way.

Most of the products we use are purchased through Solutex, Inc., a fellow Virginia-based company that supplies industrial and commercial cleaning solutions designed to be safer for people and the environment. From disinfectants to glass cleaners to degreasers, many of their products carry the Safer Choice label, which indicates the ingredients have been through a rigorous review by an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) scientist to ensure they meet stringent criteria. Solutex has been recognized by the EPA for selling safer industrial cleaning supplies that not only discontinue sales of less sustainable options but perform well, too.

And that’s what Colonial is all about – delivering a quality clean with eco-friendly products at affordable prices. So, consider the health of your employees and clients, and give us a call today!